Tree Circles light up Princess Alexandra Hospital

Health / Sun 7th Oct 2018 at 01:01pm

Tree Circles light up Princess Alexandria Hospital

AN artwork which was inspired by a view from a ward and which celebrates the wonderful care provided at Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust (PAHT) in Harlow, will form a lasting image to welcome patients, visitors and staff.

The entrance to the hospital is now illuminated by “Tree Circles”, an impressive glass installation by Parndon Mill artist Ewa Wawrzyniak.
Tree Circles by was officially opened in the presence of Ms Wawrzyniak, Inger, Eric, Ingrid and Joyce Collins from the sponsoring family, outgoing PAHT Chief Nurse and Deputy CEO Nancy Fontaine, and Jacqueline Jackson, a member of the quality improvement team at the hospital.

Tree Circles spans three discs of glass and is backlit in a frame especially designed by Ewa’s fellow Parndon Mill craftsman Barry Volckman.

Ewa said: “In the making of the Tree Circles, I wanted to represent a renewal, hope, promise. The prominent position in the hospital entrance dictated to me the importance of communicating to people coming to the hospital, that there is always a potential for the new in our lives.”

“Using glass as a medium I could play with light and shadows drawing with enamels and using glass powders as a background colour. I wanted to capture Trees in spring as a symbol of a fresh start – positive energy.”

Inger said: “Ewa’s Tree Circles is a thank you to the NHS and PAHT in particular for the important role it has played in the community in Harlow over so many years.”

“PAHT deals not only with the medical condition of people. It welcomes people with courtesy and friendliness, and shows great consideration for human dignity.”

Speaking about the installation, Eric added that the aim of Tree Circles is to introduce colour and light into the hospital entrance.
“The inspiration is a mixture of medieval and modern. Stained glass has added greatly to the atmosphere of churches over the centuries. And in modern times we have all got used to the allure of backlit smartphone screens.”

“Tree Circles shares the luminous qualities of both. We hope that it will help create a calm and colourful environment for people walking into the hospital.”
Ewa has worked for over 10 years at Parndon Mill, in Harlow, and teaches at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield.
Chief Executive Lance McCarthy said: “We are delighted to have this wonderful artwork project that will enhance the entrance to our hospital for current and future patients and visitors. The symbolic image of renewal and hope is a great adornment for our new entrance and forms a wonderful welcome to all who come to Princess Alexandra Hospital. We are very grateful to the sponsors of this project and to Ewa who created these inspirational Tree Circles.”

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