Harlow school pupil bears witness to prejudice in Stand up to Racism event

News / Mon 8th Oct 2018 pm31 02:59pm

ON Wednesday 3rd October Stand up to Racism Harlow held a public meeting at Harlow College to discuss the community response to the rise in racism in recent years.

Over 50 people attended from different trade unions, political parties and faith groups.

The speakers included:

Riccardo la Torre (Fire Brigades Union eastern regional secretary) who spoke on behalf of firefighters who have had a raft of cuts to their service. He spoke of the importance of resisting attempts by the government to scapegoat migrants to divert attention away from austerity.

Miriam Scharf (a Jewish anti racist activist) who spoke of the parallels between anti-semitism in the 1930s and the current rise in other forms of racism such as islamophobia.

Laura Mcalpine (Labour ppc) who spoke of the need to offer a politics of hope for ordinary people as a way of challenging the politics of fear and division.

and Adam Cochrane who warned that the far right are using the cutting edge of racism – islamophobia and anti migrant xenophobia- to take us back to the days when racism was mainstream.

However, the star of the show was undoubtedly local school student Joshua who spoke about his shocking experiences of racism and his desire to stop it happening to others.


Everyone at the meeting agreed on the need to get active to resist the recent rise of racism and the shocking rise in hate crime in Essex.

Stand up to Racism Harlow have arranged a coach to the National Unity demonstration against racism on 17 November. Tickets can be purchased by contacting them via email ([email protected]), their Facebook page or via Eventbrite.

They will hold a day of action in the town centre on Saturday 27 October to publicise the National Unity demonstration.


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2 Comments for Harlow school pupil bears witness to prejudice in Stand up to Racism event:

2018-10-09 12:01:53

Bit short on truth here, but, we're already aware that the Marxists and Loony Left will go to any extremes, that make anybody who disagrees with them, be classified as Nazis, Racists, and any other unsavoury epithets that they can dream up. Laura Mac offering worthless platitudes to the locals, who she sucks up to in the hope of gaining their votes. Any mention of 'Racism' in support of the thousands of young white girls being groomed and prostituted by predominately Pakistani men ? A very definite NO. Majority of drug, gang and gun crime carried out by Black and Asian gangs. The new crime of throwing battery and other acids at people, mainly an Asian crime. Moped robbery, another immigrant past-time. We are witnessing reverse Racism by the immigrants that Tony Bliar and his Loony mob let into the country. Thousands of Asians unable or willing to learn English. Europe is under siege, yet the the Marxists are shouting out for more immigration. These are not Racist comments, just observations and truth.

2018-10-14 06:35:09

And another thing, Corbynski, in his latest anti all things British, has condemned, yet again, our history and our massive contribution to the abolition of slavery. and the benefits we bestowed on the world. Corbynski, you're a first class pillock, and your followers are even worse. Labour breeds POVERTY.

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