Harlow’s Labour candidate tells Sky News of effects of austerity on Harlow

News / Mon 15th Oct 2018 am31 07:27am

LABOUR’S Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow and The Villages, Laura McAlpine was interviewed by Ed Conway for Sky News’ Special Report ‘Britain’s Great Depression’

Laura said: “The banks were bailed out with £500 bn of taxpayers money, whilst in the years since the crash working class industries and jobs have been left to crumble. We’ve seen the richest double their wealth since 2010, whilst the rest of us are getting poorer.

“Austerity hasn’t worked. Growth under this Conservative government has been slower than after America’s Great Depression. We are now seeing families with both parents in work using food banks. In Harlow homelessness has quadrupled since the Tories gained power eight years ago. Only a Labour Government with policies that prioritise the needs of working class people can fix this mess.”

When questioned about the biggest problems that the people of Harlow face, Laura talked at length about unaffordable housing, crime and the loss of well paid, skilled British jobs.

Peter Dowd MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury said:

“This new research demonstrates the utter failure of Tory austerity.

“Eight years of cruel and unnecessary spending cuts are damaging our economy and inflicting misery on the lives of millions of people. Real wages are still lower today than in 2010 and spending cuts continue to push our public services into crisis.

“The Chancellor must use this year’s Budget to end the failure of austerity and repair the damage done to our schools, hospitals and local communities

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3 Comments for Harlow’s Labour candidate tells Sky News of effects of austerity on Harlow:

2018-10-15 08:00:17

What a load of tosh by the Momentum candidate Wages are depressed because of Labour's well publicised "open door" immigration policy that flooded the market with cheap Labour. It may also have escaped her that unemployment is at its lowest level since 1975. Meanwhile her leaders are talking about a 4 day working good luck with that and it's effect on wages. Lack of affordable and social housing how long have Labour run Harlow Council and exactly how many homes have they built!

2018-10-15 09:28:50

We haven't really had austerity. The Government continues to spend our money like a drunk on a Friday night and once that has run out borrow more.

2018-10-15 09:29:06

Same old waffle, "blame it on the Tories" . Clueless candidate never answers any questions put to her by Y H readers. I've yet to see or hear anything from this candidate, that could possibly improve whatever she cares to blather on about. Perhaps she should cost out, how long it has taken to return the economy to a half reasonable state after the fiasco of Bliar and Brown.Remember, as if anyone could ever forget, " NO MONEY LEFT, IT'S ALL GONE " . Spendthrifts or what ? PFI, a little reminder. Bust and Boom, the Marxist method. Labour breeds ............ P O V E R T Y

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