Another Harlow Labour councillor resigns citing uncomfortable atmosphere in party

News / Fri 19th Oct 2018 at 10:50am

Statement from Harlow Council

“Councillor Karen Clempner has informed me today that she has resigned as a Councillor with immediate effect. I would like to thank Karen for her service to both this Council and to Harlow while she has been a Councillor and Chair of Audit and Standards Committee.

“A notice of vacancy for Councillor for the Toddbrook Ward will be published on the Council’s website later today”.

Statement from Karen Clempner

“I have today resigned as a Councillor on Harlow District Council.

For some time the atmosphere within the Labour Group of Councillors, and within Harlow Labour Party, has been uncomfortable.

Senior councillors and others within Harlow Labour Party seem more interested in their own personal career, removing other hard working and dedicated Councillors, or keeping their head down so they don’t come to the attention of those really pulling the strings of the party in the background. The deselection of Ian Beckett, one of the hardest working councillors I have had the pleasure to know, seemed designed to be a warning to others. ‘Toe the line or get removed’. While it didn’t prevent the resignation of Waida Foreman, it seems to be working with those wanting to protect their position, or the promise of a position in the future.

Despite all of this, I had intended to continue to serve as a Councillor, representing those in my ward as best I could, and Chairing the Audit Committee, providing scrutiny of the Council’s finances, until the end of my term in May. Recent email exchanges with a Labour Cabinet member has made me questioned if I could carry on as a Labour Councillor.

I could of course have simply resigned from the Labour Group, but remained as an independent Councillor until May, but this would not have been the right thing to do, so I have resigned as a Councillor immediately.

It has been an honour to represent the residents of Toddbrook over the past four years.

“I would like to thank the hard-working staff of Harlow Council who have provided me with fantastic support as a Councillor, and in my role as Chair of the Audit Committee. I know that, despite the Labour administration being in turmoil, they will continue to work for the best interests of Harlow”.

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4 Comments for Another Harlow Labour councillor resigns citing uncomfortable atmosphere in party:

2018-10-19 12:45:59

Well well. Who else would like to contradict and insult me, on the comments and asides that I have made over the last several months. The bullying accusations that were made, are correct and factual, and from what I gather, the dust wont settle, just yet. Momentum are a disgrace, more suited to the violent scenes that we have witnessed over the last couple of years, than the usual nip and tuck, of British politics. Whoever considers voting, for this group, should be well aware of the future consequences. Vote MOMENTUM at your PERIL.

2018-10-21 07:59:24

All i can say is, another one bites the dust.

2018-10-21 08:25:35

This is not looking good for the larder of Harlow council, is it councillor Ingall.

2018-10-22 08:25:50

It's time that they came clean and admitted to the residents of Harlow they are no longer The Labour Party, Momentum have bullied their way in to power with intimidation and have lost 4 experienced Councillors, Look closer at what's going on amongst this rabble and see who is pulling all the strings, someone who is not even elected or standing and that's worrying for the future of Harlow, anyway time for tea in a nice China teapot!

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