Lister House Surgery: No major problems says health boss

Health / Thu 1st Nov 2018 am30 11:24am

LISTER House surgery in Staple Tye was opened a few weeks ago. At the official opening, Harlow Health Centre Boss, Derek Fenny told the assembled dignitaries that there has been “no major problems” at the new £7.5 million surgery however, we thought we would ask patients at the surgery, if you are happy with the new surgery?

One of the key challenges for the surgery is that serves 20,000 residents making it one of the biggest surgeries in the region.

So, we would welcome your feedback.
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1 Comment for Lister House Surgery: No major problems says health boss:

2018-11-02 09:52:50

Apart from not having sufficient medical staff to cope with the 20,000 patients registered at the practice, the building is by no way perfect. The following needs could have been designed into the building. 1.Putting two large door opening within close proximity from the reception and pharmacy is going to be a nightmare in the winter to battle against the cold. Particularly as they both face North. 2. No children's play area in a very large reception to keep them occupied whilst they have the long wait. 3. Consulting room are very large but they omitted to ground floor to install opaque glazing making it necessary to have the blinds drawn all the time. 4. Staff have blocked at window from office area to reception. This window is required to see into reception for a fire and other emergency purpose. If they did not require the window they should have cctv monitoring into the main office. Just a few technical grouses. Hope they get noted!!!!!!

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