Justgiving page set up to help Church Langley family made homeless by fire

News / Tue 6th Nov 2018 at 07:25am

CHURCH Langley residents are rallying around a popular local mum after a fire at her home has made her and her young children homeless.

Fire ripped through her home in Albert Gardens

A Justgiving page has been set up to help Emma Pickering Chapman.

The page was set up by Dawn Mason.

Dawn said: “With Emma’s permission, I have set up this Just Giving page..

“Many of you will know Emma Pickering Chapman, either from her lovely Mum, school in Harlow, through her swimming lessons and FTA Kids Club. Others will know her as a great mum, good friend, shoulder to cry on, ear for listening.. Right now she needs your help, either through donation or elbow grease. Emma’s story now is one we have all either been through or know a loved one who has gone through similar circumstances.

She has been on a very low income for many many years now, has had to swallow her pride and gone to food banks.. would never ever actually ask for help (just like many of us), and allowed her house insurance to lapse.. (I for one have been in that situation), and know quite a few people who have in the past done exactly the same thing as Emma… but we were the lucky ones.

Emma’s home right now is unlivable, her kitchen & utility have been reduced to a pile of charcoal, the rest of her house in filled with the acrid smell of smoke, windows have quite literally been blown out of their frames and the Old Harlow Fire Brigade told me that everyone had a very VERY lucky escape.. Homeless but still very much alive, and that includes their two bunnies.

Over the last few years Emma has almost lost her family home and girls due to an acrimonious split with her husband, nearly lost her life due to illness, & needs a major operation.

If I’m honest this has literally right now stopped her in her tracks… But we know and love Emma for the fighter she is, the amazing mother of Charlotte, Frankie, Alex & Georgie her girls who she will never let down, so right now, let’s not let Emma down and show her the amazing community spirit that we all have.

The link is below.


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