Passmores Academy host Restart A Heart Day

Education: Secondary / Tue 13th Nov 2018 at 03:52pm

PASSMORES Academy celebrated “Restart a Heart Day” recently, which was run by the British Red Cross. In the UK, the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest are just 1 in 10 – while in some parts of Norway, where children are taught CPR in schools, it’s as high as 1 in 4.

Together with the partners – Resuscitation Council UK, St Johns Ambulance, the British Red Cross and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Passmores are working on training as many people as possible in life saving CPR.

Throughout the day students from various year groups were trained on how to perform CPR on adults, a child and a baby. Around 200 students took part in the day and every student was fantastic. The British Heart Foundation had already provided the school with the resources as they felt it is very important that young people have this training. Jamie Scott in Year 10 said “I think the session was very helpful and I acquired knowledge around how to help someone with CPR and the recovery position”. The day went really well and is something that Passmores Academy will be rolling out to all students in the future.

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