Robert Halfon on Brexit, Theresa May and the People’s Vote

News / Tue 20th Nov 2018 pm30 06:43pm

AS Theresa May struggles to get support for her Brexit deal, we asked Harlow MP a number of questions regarding the current political uncertainty.

YH: What should Theresa May do now?

RH: I recognise that the Prime Minister has an incredibly tough job in getting a solution to our withdrawal from the EU. The draft agreement is very complex and has some points that I agree with, and others that I have some issues with. I think that the Prime Minister should use this time to listen to the different views about the agreement, in order to ensure that the final agreement provides the best outcome for Britain.

YH: In what circumstances could you see yourself encouraging a People’s Vote?

RH: In no circumstances. We’ve had a People’s Vote already, in which 68% of Harlow residents voted to leave and 17,410,742 people across the UK voted Leave. It was one of the biggest exercises in our democratic history, with a 72.2% voter turnout. We made a decision and it is absolutely clear that we must get on and ensure that Brexit means Brexit. How many votes do you need until you get the right answer? A second vote would bring further division and wastes a lot of time.

YH. What do you say to colleagues issuing letters to Graham Brady?

RH:I’m opposed to changing the Prime Minister. This is a very serious time in which we must decide how to withdraw from Brussels and to change the leader now would be entirely wrong.

YH: What do you say to Harlow residents who voted to leave?

RH: Everything I have done since the referendum has been to fulfil the pledge to ensure that we leave the EU. I voted for the referendum, I voted for Art 50 (which means that we leave on 29 March) and I want to make sure that the final deal does ensure that we leave the EU without costing the nation too much or creating damage to our economy. But I am absolutely clear that we have to leave on 29 March and we have to follow the will of Harlow residents and the will of the country.

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4 Comments for Robert Halfon on Brexit, Theresa May and the People’s Vote:

2018-11-21 08:13:17

I t would seem that the majority of mp's used a different poll card to what i did as mine had 2 choices, stay or leave, not a fudge that will keep us tied to Brussels which has been arranged between May, Merkel and Macron. Just tell them we are going WTO and save a fortune.

2018-11-21 14:10:32

Finally he says something about Brexit! Not that he says much apart from keeping to the party line. It's a dreadful deal that betrays the Harlow 68% and the 17.4m across the Country! What happened to No deal is better than a bad deal?

2018-11-22 22:07:49

No deal is better than this tory stitch up.

2018-11-24 22:48:00

No Deal is better than the current deal. 68.1% of Harlow residents voted to leave the EU so he should be listening to those residents. A good leader is a good listener.

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