Harlow children take a step back in time to enjoy a Victorian Christmas.

Children took a step back in time to enjoy a Victorian Christmas.

YEAR 5 pupils from Roydon Primary Academy, in Roydon, visited Royal Gunpowder Mills.

They researched the difference between the experiences of rich and poor children and the toys they played with and whether the rich had a happier childhood.

The class also discovered the history of the Christmas card and the origins of many other traditions, including the Christmas cracker and tree decorations.

Molly Brooks, class teacher, said: “The children had an amazing time getting fully immersed in the experience, from playing parlour games, many of which will be re-enacted at our Christmas party, and creating their own Christmas screen print card.”

Headteacher Michael Clark said: “It is so lovely seeing the children really enjoy an educational visit which provided them with so many learning opportunities. Year 5 were so well behaved and loved telling everyone about their day on their return.”

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