Letters: Labour candidate slams state of traffic in Church Langley

News / Thu 13th Dec 2018 at 09:45am

Dear Editor,

ALMOST every weekday, Church Langley Residents, (and anyone entering Church Langley) are faced with major delays getting out of the area onto the A414. This situation has been getting progressively worse for several years, yet Conservative controlled Essex County Council have done nothing to address the problem. Their inaction has resulted in residents now facing daily delays getting to work and problems getting children to school and pre-school on time.

Something really must be done; ECC and Essex Highways were consulted at every stage, even before the development was approved, and there is no excuse for their having signed off on plans which have clearly failed in such a short time. For any solution to be remotely futureproof it must involve some alternative route, and be either a permanent 24 hour, or time limited route out of Church Langley, to relieve the intense pressure on the current single exit from Church Langley, onto to the A414.

Essex County Council receive 70% of our council tax revenue, and much of that is spent (or should be) on our road infrastructure, across the town and across the county. To not be able to efficiently get from Church Langley to begin a journey to work, or to take children to school, is quite rightly infuriating many residents. Church Langley residents are rightly keen to suggest solutions to the problems they are experiencing, and I commend them for that; but it is Essex County Council who are failing the residents of Church Langley. It is Essex Highways, and it is Essex Highways alone who must be charged with the task of finding a sustainable solution.

I also call on our current MP, Mr Halfon to add his voice to mine, and pressure the Conservative run Essex County Council to urgently resolve this ongoing problem.

Laura McAlpine,

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for
Harlow and the Villages

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4 Comments for Letters: Labour candidate slams state of traffic in Church Langley:

2018-12-13 11:04:22

Mrs A. Wait until the new Junction is up and running. You ain't seen nothing yet. As for Church Langley and New Hall, if you live in a warren, expect rabbits. Typical of this lady, does she think that locals aren't aware of the chaos that disastrous development causes. Probably not.

2018-12-13 12:05:04

I think Laura needs to be reminded of some simple facts before she jumps on another bandwagon. The land on which Church Langley was built (commenced in 1992, over 25 years ago) was owned by two farmers who left the design of the estate to the developers. The developers would of course want to keep their costs down and so only put in a design for one road in and out of the estate. The farmers were unhappy about this (amongst other things). It was the LABOUR Council at the time which gave planning permission for the estate despite these concerns. It is clear to see that the same problem will occur along Gilden Way. The hundreds and possibly thousands of homes being built in close proximity to it will lead to gridlock, but despite everyone living in the area voicing these concerns, the LABOUR Party is still going ahead with their Local Plan. In conclusion, whilst suggestions from residents are welcome, I fear that logistically any changes may only have a marginal effect on reducing congestion on the road at this junction.

2018-12-14 14:59:31

This is the worst type of political point scoring. Blaming an opposition county council when the local council is Labour. Has she seen the Harlow Development Plan perhaps? Then she'll see just how much traffic chaos a Labour lead council will bring to Harlow, with no investment in infrastructure, schools or doctors surgeries. Please stop publishing her ramblings until she comes up with some actual solutions to things rather than just moaning about the state of stuff...most of which is caused by the party she represents! Come on Laura, what would you do exactly? No didn't think you had an answer, very easy to just point out problems isn't it.

2018-12-14 15:20:00

Gilden Way, when the new a7 junction opens, will soon be brought to a standstill. Some locals are already making plans for a deterrent patrol at the Mulberry Green crossing, you know, cross over, then press the button, and cross back. Can't wait. The wrong road at the wrong site, hold it, it's the local plan. A bit like the useless zebra crossing in Hobbs Cross Road. Local council working for me, really!

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