Animal lovers flocked to hear all about careers working with cats

Burnt Mill Academy / Fri 14th Dec 2018 at 11:46am

Animal lovers flocked to hear all about careers working with cats.

CATS Protection, the UK charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming cats and educating people about cat welfare, visited Burnt Mill Academy, in Harlow.

Students form Year 7 to 11 interested in working with animals attended the after-school talk by community education officer Jonathan Ramsden on avenues into a career in animal care.

Cristin Casey, BMAT director of performing arts, is a supporter of the charity and organised the visit. She said: “It is important to open young people’s eyes to potential careers. Our visitor spoke with students about the subjects they should concentrate on to prepare for a career in animal care, how they can get experience working with animals and how to best look after their own animals.

“The things I am passionate about, I strive to ensure our children have opportunities to share that passion. I feel it’s important to take the time to find out what you love and add more of it to your life. This will provide you with drive, determination and a strong sense of wellbeing.

“As a faculty, we are focusing on post-16 aspirations and raising motivation for our young people; we want students to become self-motivated and inspired. I feel a vital element of our teaching is when young people see that we are passionate about something, we get a high level of perseverance, focus and ambition along with self-motivation in return which leads to outstanding outcomes. You also develop a level of mutual respect with those students who you can then help and support to become the best they can be.

They see I am not just a music teacher, but someone with interests outside of teaching. I want to provide them with as many opportunities as possible, so they have something in their lives that make them happy every day.”

As a result of the presentation, students have applied for work placements with the charity and are planning charity events to raise money to support the Cat’s Protection.

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