Anonymous for the Voiceless campaign against animal exploitation in Harlow

News / Sat 30th Mar 2019 pm31 03:46pm

ANONYMOUS for the Voiceless (AV) holds an abolitionist stance against animal exploitation and promotes a clear vegan message.

They are an animal rights organization that specializes in educating the public on animal exploitation and fostering highly effective activism communities worldwide.

Last weekend, they visited Harlow Town Centre. We spoke to Norina Maniscalco about the work they were doing.

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6 Comments for Anonymous for the Voiceless campaign against animal exploitation in Harlow:

2019-03-31 06:52:54

These protesters really are ridiculous. The lady in question is very well made up, as can be seen in the picture. Obviously she isn't aware, that when the mascara's and face paint that she is wearing, were being originally tested, most of it was done on, animals. Hypocrisy or what ? As for cruelty in the farming industry, the British farmers are top notch with their animal husbandry. If she is concerned about animal slaughter, the non stunning of animals for Halal and Schechita, then I agree, but, she should go without the face paint and mascara, too.

2019-03-31 10:11:44

Harlow is an open community willing to listen and debate issues that effect us all. Nothing wrong in this debate and it should make us much smarter about our choice of foods and we’re they come from. It yet again disappointing that MickyB77 decide to criticise the person not the subject matter. Why does he feel he has to mention that the women is wearing make up and Face paint twice ,unless he has an issue with a well spoken women making a rationale point of debate. Surely this direct sexist attitude should haven’t any place on the Your Harlow site. Come on Micky we’re in 2019 come of age and accept equality and diversity.

2019-03-31 10:32:23

Yet again Durcant, you attack me just for the sake of it. I wouldn't expect you to understand such a complex issue. This young lady, what's, "well spoken", got to do with it ? should investigate her subject and her life-style and see if they're compatible. Obviously, it isn't. Make-up is still being tested on animals, or aren't you aware ? The truth really get's under some peoples skin,doesn't it ?

2019-03-31 10:36:01

Nothing to say about non-stunning, ritualistic, barbaric slaughter of animals destined for the food chain Durcant ? Was that in the young lady's re-mit ? True to form, selective in choice of subject.

2019-03-31 11:22:34

Micky you are over reacting yet again and I would simple suggest you review your original posting. You have made a massive jump to assume the make up the lady is wearing has been tested on animals. Why mention face paint twice. Equally would you have made such a openly sexist comment about a man about his shoes or belt,I guess not. I didn’t hear a single word from this women’s articulate comments about non stunning, this was a short interview by Your Harlow. Her comments were about all types of animal cruelty ,it is you who has made the jump in the dark. Whilst I understand you have strong views about well nearly everything it not reasonable or fair to attack the person regardless of gender or race. I don’t attack you but your negative comments you make. I commend this lady for having a commitment to making a difference in a caring and professional manner. We could all learn lessons if we had the awareness of being more tolerant. Thank you.

2019-03-31 11:41:25

Snide comment tucked into platitudes, about right for some. Amen.

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