Stansted Airport welcomes President Trump

STANSTED Airport has once again welcomed Air Force One, as President Donald Trump arrived in the UK at the start of his state visit to the UK.

Touching down shortly before 0900, the President and First Lady were welcomed by the Foreign Secretary, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, who was joined by the Chief Operating Officer of London Stansted, Steve Griffiths.

This is the fifth visit of Air Force One to London Stansted, and comes as the airport reaches the end of a busy week of bank holiday and half term traffic, and additional flights taking fans to the European football finals in Baku and Madrid. In total, around 200 additional flights have operated as a result, with more than half a million passengers passing through the airport in the last week.

The operation to prepare for the arrival of Air Force One involves collaboration between a number of organisations, including Harrods Aviation, the police, air traffic control, UK Border Force, the government, US Embassy and the White House.

London Stansted Chief Operating Officer, Steve Griffiths, said:

“London Stansted is used to handling high-profile occasions, but the arrival of Air Force One brings its own unique set of challenges. This is a huge team effort, and our priority is to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible while keeping any disruption to our airlines and passengers to a minimum.

“It was a pleasure to welcome the President and his family to Stansted, and to have the opportunity to showcase the airport on the world stage. I’m very proud of the teams who have worked so hard to make this possible, on top of the challenges of helping thousands of football fans get to their matches across Europe.”

The official welcoming party also included Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Essex Mrs Jennifer Tolhurst and U.S. Ambassador to Britain, Woody Johnson.

Air Force One was handled by Harrods Aviation, situated in their private aviation facility on the opposite side of the airfield to the main London Stansted passenger terminal. This unique set-up meant passengers would have been largely unaware of the significant events happening on the other side of the airport, and that disruption could be kept to a minimum.

Air Force One was accompanied by a range of support aircraft, including a back-up aircraft, three chinook support helicopters, two Sea King helicopters, as well as several additional vehicles on the ground. Around 50 journalists and photographers from across the world watched the President and First Lady arrive, before heading into central London on the presidential helicopter, Marine One.

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5 Responses to "Stansted Airport welcomes President Trump"

  1. kthe5   June 3, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    Why is the First Lady disguised as a flight attendant? Is this the only way she could get a seat on the plane, by handing out the drinks & nuts?
    “Air Force One was accompanied by a range of support aircraft,”
    Talking of support aircraft, the Trump Baby blimp should be taking to the air on tuesday.

  2. ronnieboy1   June 4, 2019 at 7:27 am

    kthe5 ..yes the same old protesters will be out on tuesday taking notes from the ” o wise one” marxist corbyn and the bloke who is supposed to be” running” london. You people make me laugh . a bunch of losers all you can do is insult people and even at that your pretty hopeless.

  3. kthe5   June 4, 2019 at 6:13 pm

    Hi Ronnie
    “You people make me laugh”
    That’s the idea.
    “marxist corbyn”
    Stop calling Corbyn a Marxist
    “all you can do is insult people”
    Indeed, calling someone a “stone cold loser” and refering to someones height is, as you say, pretty hopeless. Calling someone who actually served in the military “last in his class” is a bit rich coming from somone who draft dodged due to “bone spurs”.
    BTW did you see the robot Dumping Trump?

  4. ronnieboy1   June 5, 2019 at 7:02 am

    no it was a tuesday I work unlike the 10,000 , however, marxist corbyn does himself no favours by acting like a child ,and is it a coincidence that the 10,000 look like the same rabble that moan about brexit and just about everything else?

  5. kthe5   June 5, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    Hi Ronnie
    “it was a tuesday I work unlike the 10,000”
    Nice insinuation, Ronnie. Insuating that each and every protester must be unemployed and therefore sponging off the state. Classic!
    I see your baseless insinuation and raise it – the same must apply to the knuckle dragging Portsmouth football fans who were also not in a job at the time, but instead used voilence and aggression towards some peaceful anti-trump protestors.

    I’m sure that everyone is completely reassured that the giant oompa loompa has told us that the NHS will not be sold off to American insurance companies, and is completely safe in British hands. After all the great orange lump has never, ever lied about anything ever. Never broken a promise, never changed his mind because he saw something on Fox News,
    Except for repealing Obamacare, he always keeps his promises.
    And he said he’d protect a woman’s right to abortion.
    And he said he’d pull troops out of Afghanistan, but didn’t.
    Okay, so apart from Obamacare, abortion rights, Afghanistan, building a wall, rebuilding infrastructure, preventing illegal immigration, replacing Nafta, correcting the trade deficit with China, and his wedding vows, the President has never, ever broken a promise.
    So after Brexit, we get the bestest trade deal ever, of all time, with the NHS completely safe, and no toilet duck flavoured chicken at all, because the thing below the hair line said so.
    And with Bojo the Clown as PM. What can possibly go wrong?

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