Market Street covered to protect residents from antisocial behaviour

Crime / Fri 7th Jun 2019 am30 10:17am

Market Street covered to protect residents from antisocial behaviour

NEW CCTV cameras have been installed by Harlow Council in a part of Old Harlow that has previously been affected by antisocial behaviour.

Market Street is now covered by 27 high-definition cameras that can be used to identify anyone engaging in antisocial behaviour or criminal activity in the area.

The cameras, which have motion detection features, optical and digital zoom and infrared technology, cover the Market Street/Station Road junction and High Street. They are monitored by the Council’s Community Safety Team. CCTV also covers the Town Centre and shopping hatches around Harlow, as well as flat blocks.

Commenting on the new cameras, Alan Howick, Director of Howick & Brooker Partnership in Old Harlow, said:

“We are pleased with the Harlow Council investment with CCTV for the Old Harlow neighbourhood. We have been at the corner of the High Street since 1978 and have sadly witnessed the decline in social behaviour in recent years that has triggered this initiative.

“I dearly hope it helps to restore common sense and respect for others and their property but most important, those families who live here that make up the Old Harlow Community.”

Councillor Eugenie Harvey, Portfolio Holder for Community and Wellbeing, said:

“I am pleased we have found the resources to take strong action to combat an issue that has been having an impact on the residents of Market Street and the surrounding area.

“The safety or our residents and visitors to Harlow is important to us and we hope that the installation of these cameras will help to reassure the public. I am confident that the cameras will prove to be a valuable asset in helping to prevent antisocial behaviour and criminal activity, and assisting with the detection of crime if it does occur.”

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2019-06-07 10:53:47

What an about turn from our council leaders. I suggested a couple of years ago that CCTV could be the answer, and the safeguard, for areas subjected to crime of every description. As usual I was told, "we know best", and, cameras wont work. This lot at the town hall are seriously behind the times, old labour,no more no less. E H, yet again, pops up, to let us all know that she is responsible for finding the funds for the project, what about the small fortune of profit being earned by the HTS group,as often stated by the leader ?

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