Letter to Editor: The state of Terminus Street

Dear Editor,

I am a disabled resident of Harlow and have lived here for 50 years. It used to be a town to be proud of. Sadly it’s fast becoming a dirty, run down and unsettling place.

I rely on public transport due to my disabilities and over recent years the bus station has fallen further and further into a state of neglect. Drunks and drug addicts congregate on and under the steps to Terminus House often blocking access to the bus station. Shop doorways are being used as toilets with faeces and vomit being left for months on end. The pathways are filthy and poorly lit and more often than not large groups of young men hang around most of the day blocking the pathways arguing and shouting across walkways.

Given public transport is primarily used by the most vulnerable in society such as the elderly, disabled or young children who have no choice but to rely on buses this is unacceptable. I fear it is only a matter of time before there is a serious incident. Access is poor to these areas and there is no visibility to what is happening in the walk ways between the bus shelters and mostly run down or empty shops.

I rely on my bus pass to get my shopping but I and many many others are seriously concerned about the safety of these areas. Can you please raise this issue so that police presence can be increased to enforce the alcohol free zones which are supposed to be in place. Something needs to be done to clean up this area and improve access, lighting and visibility. Groups that loiter in the area need to be moved on to discourage the drug dealing that also goes on. You can see the trades bring made. It’s a crime hot spot and someone will be injured or worse if this is not cleaned up and allowed to escalate.

This town needs to be returned to something people can be proud of. Lack of cleanliness, safety and general policing can not be excused by difficult times or lack of funding. People deserve the right to feel safe going about their daily business, not living in fear and dread of what they might have to deal with just going to the shops.

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This letter was sent to YourHarlow on Thursday.

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One Response to "Letter to Editor: The state of Terminus Street"

  1. Jswills1976   June 11, 2019 at 8:17 am

    Totally agree 100% , it’s disgusting and it’s true I know that they loiter under the stairs leading to terminus house drinking and doing and dealing drugs and I’ve witnessed gangs down both ends of the bus stops shouting and swearing at each other and everytime no police in site , it’s not good enough to only bring police out when there’s a stabbing they need to tackle these problems so it prevents stabbings and similar attacks and prevents people feeling so vulnerable , funding is no excuse for dodging your dutys police officers

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