SFG College sign up for Small Great Things

YOUNG people are learning how small changes in behaviour can have a big impact on those around them.

Sir Frederick Gibberd College, in Harlow, has signed up to the Small Great Things project and committed to altering their habits for the good of others.

Headteacher Dee Conlon said: “We believe in equal opportunities for all and that is what this initiative is about.

“It is about small acts – maybe changing what we do, how we act or what we say – which make a massive difference to someone else. Simply by saying ‘hello’ to someone we can have a positive impact on their day. All adults in our school reinforce the importance of these values and lead by example simply by saying ‘good morning’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ every day. Students have been considering how they can make these small changes day to day around school.

“We are already noticing the difference; our students are so polite. These are good manners which do not cost a thing. It is more important than anything else as people will remember how you made them feel and that comes from how you treat them.”

The school’s Small Great Things Heroes attended a workshop, run by Essex County Council, where they made an action plan to ensure all students are treated the same and offered the same opportunities.

They decorated stones with their pledges and displayed them outside the school building.

The Heroes are delivering assemblies on the topic to their school, Burnt Mill Academy and local primary schools.

Mrs Conlon said: “The Heroes are going to make a big display for our school, so it remains at the forefront of everyone’s minds.”

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