Annual tree planting in Harlow reaches record high

Harlow Council / Tue 28th Jan 2020 at 02:18pm

Harlow Council has smashed it annual tree planting target by planting over 5,000 trees in just two months!

BACK in July the council pledged to plant 1,000 trees over the next year as part of a number of commitments to tackle climate change. The pledge received cross-party support when councillors declared a climate emergency. A grand total of 5,118 have been planted by the council since the end of November.

A total of 4,203 trees have been planted as part of the council’s plant a tree scheme with a further 900 trees planted by local volunteers at Parndon Wood and Hospital and Risdens woods and 15 trees in the Town Park. On Sunday 1,700 trees were planted in East Park as the council held its third community tree planting event.

The tree planting record is all down to the efforts of local residents, volunteers, groups, council staff and councillors who have taken part in events held in the last two months. New trees have helped create four community groves alongside Southern Way, Sumners Park and in East Park and added to existing woodland at Parndon Wood, Risden Wood and the Town Park.

Councillor Mark Ingall, Leader of Harlow Council, said: “I am very proud that we have absolutely smashed our tree planting target! I’ve been at each of the community tree planting events doing my bit and the response from the public to planting trees has been amazing. From the young to the old to different groups who represent our town, people have got involved. It shows just how much people care and want to be part of our town’s future and are prepared to do their bit to tackle climate change

“When we declared a climate emergency I was determined that this would not just be an empty declaration, but that real environmental improvements would follow from it. However our work for the future of our town doesn’t stop there, we are working on other climate change initiatives and we will continue to work with residents and groups to plant even more trees in future. I wish to say thanks to everyone who has got involved and to Patrick, Donna and Lenny from the council who have organised the community tree planting days.”

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