Covid-19: The empty shelves of Tesco’s in Church Langley

Covid-19 / Thu 19th Mar 2020 at 04:15pm

WE thought we would pop in and see how busy it was in Tesco’s, Church Langley on Thursday morning.

So we called in at 7am.

Was it busy? Yes but perhaps we were an hour late. Some shelves were already bare of the following: toilet rolls, canned vegetables, beans, washing powder, washing up liquid, cleaning products, kitchen rolls, baby milk, baby wipes, fresh meat, bread, beer, wine, eggs and pasta.

It was busy but people seemed pretty calm but there were a number of edgy scenes at the tills with people not taking kindly to being rationed over the number of products.

We may call again but next time it may be at 6am next time.

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4 Comments for Covid-19: The empty shelves of Tesco’s in Church Langley:

2020-03-19 18:30:14

I think most people realise the shelves are empty due to the selfish people that now inhabit our world but as to put this piece up is just following the MSM and the scaremongering that they are spewing forth and will only exacerbate the problem.

2020-03-20 05:56:57

The calls for an end to panic buying from supermarkets is being ignored. While we know that if we just shopped normally it’d all be there as usual, others panic buying us forcing everyone else to do the same just to keep up. It’s already time to call the army in, issue a pass or ration system etc already to get this under control, as relying on the good will of people hasn’t and will continue not to work...

2020-03-20 09:49:09

Jarrett makes a good point - negative reporting will self-fullfill. Asda Harlow about 8:15 today - busy, obviously, but fresh milk & bread available. People were mostly calm & frendly. Asda limits to 3 items max of anything, most people had less than that of most things. 2 tills reserved for "vulnerable" people. Queues at all tills, but not excessive. Interesting article: https://inews.co.uk/opinion/columnists/coronavirus-covid-19-stockpilers-2502707 "what the stockpilers and the calm-down-it’s-just-the-flu brigade have in common is that they don’t trust the Government." Probably true of any flavour of government.

2020-03-20 10:18:15

Jhumphreys - from memory, Sainsburys opens at 07:00, so seeing a queue before opening is hardly surprising. Was there any violence in the queue? Were there any riots over dried pasta? Was tear gas needed over the last toilet roll? Calling in the army because there is a queue just before opening time at Sainsburys is abit overkill. Most supermarkets are restricting the number of some items that can be bought, so there already is a "ration system" in place. What next? Use the RAF to do another "Berlin Airlift" to drop baby wipes and tinned tomatoes in Tescos carpark? How about using the SAS to enforce the 10 items or less rule? The Navy could send a gunboat up the River Stort as a show of force.

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