Harlow residents warned not to start bonfires

Harlow Council / Wed 15th Apr 2020 pm30 04:43pm

HARLOW Council is aware that residents may currently be struggling to dispose of their garden waste, as collections are currently suspended and the Household Waste & Recycling Centre (The Dump) at River Way is closed until further notice.

The council is urging residents to not burn their garden waste instead. Bonfires are bad for local air quality, they make people with breathing difficulties feel unwell and an out of control bonfire puts extra pressure on the fire service. Bonfires also create a nuisance for neighbours, many of whom will also be at home at the moment.

If your neighbour’s bonfire is causing you a nuisance please email the council at [email protected]

What can residents do with garden waste?

Composting is a much better, safer and more environmentally friendly option of getting rid of garden waste.

There is plenty of information out there on how to get started with home composting at www.loveessex.org/news-and-ideas/try-composting-at-home

If residents can’t home compost they should put their garden waste in a safe place for now. The council hopes to be able to start up its garden waste collections again soon and it will let residents know when.

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