Cooks Spinney catering team donate food to homeless

Burnt Mill Academy / Sun 10th May 2020 at 09:35am

A school kitchen has donated its leftover food to the homeless people of Harlow.

THE catering team at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy were keen to put their food stocks to good use during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Using ingredients which would go out of date before children returned to school, the team baked a batch of cakes and biscuits.

Caroline Rees, catering manager, said: “Many charities are suffering during this difficult time and it is our pleasure to be able to support the amazing Streets2Homes charity as they continue to take care of the homeless.

“We are using up stock that will go out of date soon and will otherwise go unused due to schools being closed. We felt it would be a good idea to get involved with feeding the homeless and to give Streets2Homes yummy treats to provide to the homeless in Harlow.

“Our first batch have gone out and the recipients were very happy. They now have a roof over their head, lunch and dinner provided, as well as a yummy desert.”

Headteacher Neil Stirrat said: “This is another wonderful example of altruism and initiative from Cooks Spinney’s staff during these challenging times. The school are so proud of Kirsty and assistant catering manager Caroline Hamill.”

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