Harlow Labour opposes suspension of Sunday trading hours

Business / Fri 12th Jun 2020 at 06:28am

HARLOW Labour has written to Robert Halfon detailing their opposition to the proposed suspension of Sunday trading hours and have urged him to stand with shop workers in Harlow by opposing the government’s plans.

The full text of the letter is below:

Dear Robert Halfon MP,

We hope this letter finds you well.

We are writing to request you join our call on the government not to suspend Sunday trading hours, plans which have been rejected by the union USDAW and some retailers alike.

We believe the Governments desire to help the retail sector is admirable however, these measures would be a hindrance rather than a help to our shops and shop workers across Harlow.

Shop workers are playing a vital role in Harlow, working longer hours, in difficult and testing conditions during this pandemic and we thank them immensely for all their hard work. Suspending Sunday trading hours will be putting extra pressure on their shoulders, potentially extra costs and stress to themselves in having to find childcare, for example and for little to no potential economic benefit.

It is a widely held belief among retailers and trade unions that opening for longer on Sundays is not economically viable. It will add costs to overheads whilst seeing little increase of money through the tills of our shops.

It is our belief therefore that this policy will do little to improve economic activity, whilst asking even more of those who are already working round the clock to ensure we are able to purchase the supplies and goods we need throughout this crisis. Our shop workers need and deserve a break on Sundays.

It is for these reasons we urge you to join us in standing up for our retail businesses and shop workers in Harlow by calling on the government not to suspend Sunday trading hours


Councillor Mark Ingall, Leader of Harlow Council

Councillor Eugenie Harvey, Deputy Leader of Harlow Council

Councillor Jean Clark

Councillor Michael Danvers

Councillor Bob Davis

Councillor Jodi Dunne

Councillor Tony Durcan

Councillor Tony Edwards

Councillor Margaret Hulcoop

Councillor Shannon Jezzard

Councillor Stefan Mullard

Councillor Frances Mason

Councillor Danny Purton

Councillor Lanie Shears

Councillor John Strachan

Councillor Emma Toal

Councillor Chris Vince

Councillor Nancy Watson

Councillor Phil Waite

Councillor Mark Wilkinson

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4 Comments for Harlow Labour opposes suspension of Sunday trading hours:

2020-06-12 06:43:01

The government can do what like yu losers.

2020-06-12 08:53:05

Labour what a joke they are all socialists,what would they know about working most work in the public sector if they are not off sick with "stress". Leave the economy to the people who create wealth, the socialists and statists later steal via taxation, that includes the conservatives. Man can only be free when government is limited ;)

2020-06-12 14:58:29

If Mr Ingall and his cronies , ie , teachers got back to work it would make millions of parents very happy indeed, but like all trade unionists , they're hypocrites.

2020-06-13 12:35:35

According to figures just released, only 5 cases of the virus have been recorded on children aged under 15 years. So, why are the teachers hiding themselves form doing what they're being paid to do ? Marxist mischief, this is what it's all about, kick us all whilst we're down to suit their odious policies, and using children as their weapon. Disgraceful mob.

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