Harlow Town Centre “social distancing” measures must be improved say Harlow Conservatives

Business / Sun 14th Jun 2020 at 04:32pm

Town Centre Social Distancing Measures Must Be Improved

A LARGE number of shops will open across Harlow on Monday in line with Government guidelines. Harlow Council, the Harvey Centre and the Water Gardens management have introduced new measures to manage the flow of shoppers who will be welcomed back to the Town Centre.

Opening the Town Centre is a symbolic act that marks an important phase in the recovery from COVID-19. All efforts must focus on recovering the local economy, protecting the NHS and keeping residents safe, particularly in public spaces.

Residents have contacted Harlow Conservatives to raise concerns about the measures put in place so far.

Harlow Conservatives believe the following measures will help improve the social distancing measures introduced in the Town Centre:

1. Replace the current floor and banner signage along Broad Walk so that it’s easier to read and is similar to the system put in place by the Harvey Centre and the Water Gardens.

2. The Water Gardens management should erect barriers to keep pedestrians in different directions apart.

3. Ensure an appropriate number of stewards are located at key exit and entry points in the Town Centre to help explain the new social distancing measures.

4. Put in place better measures to prevent large gatherings of people in the Town Centre. The entrances to the Town Centre are open spaces and could result in large numbers of shoppers gathering, preventing residents from following the two-metre rule.

Joel Charles, Deputy Leader of Harlow Conservatives, said:

“Opening the Town Centre is a crucial step forward to help the local economy recover from the shock of the coronavirus outbreak. I want to acknowledge the hard work that has already been undertaken by the managers responsible for different parts of the Town Centre to help separate pedestrians with one-way systems.

“The practical recommendations Harlow Conservatives have put forward are aimed at improving the various plans without causing further disruption in the Town Centre. I believe these additional measures will help maintain necessary social distancing and keep everyone safe.”

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6 Comments for Harlow Town Centre “social distancing” measures must be improved say Harlow Conservatives:

2020-06-14 17:44:30

When there is a cheap point to make you can always rely and expect the local Tory to burst in and make it. Desperate for a head line. Let’s be absolutely clears all these safety features are as a direct result of careful consultation with not only businesses but using advice and support with national bodies. We have talked to local groups about how we can make the journey safe for everyone. Nothing is perfect and it’s reasonable to expect customers to remain sensible and safe. This is about chose and safety. I want to thank all partners including council staff who have worked hard to get Harlow ready. It’s up to all of us now to remain very sensible. COVID hasn’t gone away. It will be with us for a long time. So please whilst we want you back into the town centre it’s vital that we all slow down be tolerant and make sure we share the space wisely and sensibly. Wear a face cover, nothing fancy. Please be extra nice to the staff and they are there for your protection and your safety. We can do this together. So no more cheap headlines and let’s trust each other to do the right thing.

2020-06-15 05:51:06

F I M syndrome again from durcant, the idiot. If he had read the Tory comment he just might have noticed that local residents had suggested to Councillor Charles, who was querying on their behalf, if the "Social Distancing " plan could be improved. Typically, durcant pops up with, " i know best " . But we know that he doesn't.

m ingall
2020-06-15 07:06:59

The UK has the second worst fatality rate per million due to COVID in the world (source ourworkdindata.org) thanks to a Conservative government that started out planning for “herd immunity”, followed up by sending COVID positive elderly people back to care homes and who failed to procure adequate PPE. The Conservative Government’s own scientists have said that a different approach could have saved tens of thousands of lives. And to divert attention from this appalling, deadly failure from an incompetent Government, who according to the world Health Organisation are easing the lockdown too soon, Conservative Councillor Joel Charles complains about the signage in our town centre. Pathetic.

2020-06-15 08:08:07

"Divert attention"... Remind who caused this, seems to have airbrushed. OLM2

2020-06-15 12:21:15

This article highlights two things when it comes to local politics. The fact is, most people seem to think that Councillors are involved in decision making when it comes to responding to the public or on everyday issues of which their will be dozens if not hundreds every day. How, why and where the barriers and signs etc were placed probably did not involve a single councillor, they were made by officers of the council having regard to the law and public health advice. Secondly the Conservative group want to make a song and dance about an issue, taking aim at the council, of which they are a part and of Labour. What they should have done, like everybody else is to make an approach to the council officers expressing their concerns, but of course they would rather see an article printed here. Both parties need to work together, not air dirty washing in public.

2020-06-15 13:47:27

Very happy to confirm that the plans for social distancing in the town centre was discussed with a number of groups. As a result I was update on their collective recommendations which I supported as the cabinet member. Early indication show its working but we have to be flexible and sensible around theory and practise. Tolerance will be a challenge.

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