Leading Harlow Labour councillor welcomes review into election defeat.

News / Sun 21st Jun 2020 at 08:46am

A MUCH-anticipated review of Labour’s 2019 election defeat, by a group of MPs, union leaders, officials and activists called Labour Together, has produced a 154-page report of findings and recommendations. The main points can be found below


Little Parndon and Hare Street councillor Chris Vince fought the constituency of Hertford and Stortford. We asked him for his thoughts on the review.

Cllr Vince said:

Labour’s General Election Review is very welcome

The recently published review into the Labour party’s performance at the 2019 is a welcome one, not least because it is honest and properly analyses the range of issues that meant we didn’t have the success we wanted.

For many it seems like a lifetime ago, so much has changed in our country, in the world, since December. However, for those who, like me, who were out in the cold and rain week in week out, desperately campaigning for the Labour government, we knew what was needed to bring the stability and hope to our country, the hurt and frustration is still there. It was the same in 2015 and 2017, when like many activists and candidates the campaign dominated my life and the final result was so disappointing.

However, the most important thing to come from this report is a recognition that the Labour Party has a lot of work to do to win the next General Election. We have much to be optimistic about. We have a leader who is out performing Boris Johnson at every PMQs, a government whose handling of the Covid-19 crisis has been patchy at best and a new found national love for our NHS, but that doesn’t mean that victory at GE 2024 (or whenever it is) is a forgone conclusion. In fact quite the opposite, it’s going to be a long slog.

More than anything else, we need to be a party that listens. To really understand the reasons that people didn’t vote Labour in Harlow we need to speak to them and asking them what their priorities are.

Personally, I can’t wait to get started campaigning again, to talk to residents and have genuine dialogue with them about Labour’s failings. I started just before this crisis and although these conversations are difficult, I also know how vital they are.

I’m proud to serve Harlow as a district councillor and now portfolio holder but believe that this town and the people in it deserve so much more than this Tory government. I will continue to fight for that, the next Labour government. Giving up was never ever an option!

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6 Comments for Leading Harlow Labour councillor welcomes review into election defeat.:

2020-06-21 09:48:41

1)Recognise our country is being destroyed. 2)Honour Brexit 3)Stop calling the electorate thick

2020-06-21 12:55:04

"1)Recognise our country is being destroyed." Labour opposed austerity. Tick. "2)Honour Brexit" Labour leader Keir Starmer says he will NOT try to rejoin the EU if he wins the next electon because the Brexit debate is 'over' - It must be true, this is a headline from the Daily Mail. Tick. "3)Stop calling the electorate thick" If you mean the accusation by Caroline Flint against Emily Thornberry, [that][ was an “utter lie” - it (it was a lie) must be true, it was printed in The Sun. If you mean when Corbyn called May a 'stupid woman', that was also denied. It must be true, it was on the BBC. No evidence Labour called the electorate thick. Tick. On the other hand, Jacob Rees-Mogg implied that the victims of the Grenfell tower tragedy lacked “common sense” i.e. "stupid". Labour MP Peter Kyle who is dyslexic has ofern been called "stupid" for spelling errors.

2020-06-21 13:22:03

It is simple we do not want socialism of communism it has killed over 150 Million and is terrible political system. Labor from 1997 to 2010 destroyed this country, they ran house prices up, destroyed pensions, sold gold reserves at the lowest price, let banks run rampant, unchecked immigration and then of course the illegal war in Iraq. That is before we look at the increasing number of tings which were made illegal and the government snooping. Man can only be free when government is limited Oh and before you start with austerity there should be no benefits at all it breeds dependence and bad life style choices like having kids you cannot afford. Charity is the way to address those who fall on hard times.

2020-06-21 21:07:47

Thanks for the lesson, looking forward to the report to see just how wrong I am and how `tick` I have been.

2020-06-22 09:08:17

I think this all comes down to who the Labour Party want to be. The last election showed that to have a leader clearly hard left and a group within a group was divisive on many levels and the party left behind a crucial part of its usual voters by delivering messages that didn't appeal to them. Theoretically they were closer to old Labour, but the world has changed. What Labour in 97 realised is that people had moved on, the traditional working class was not what it was, and people are more interested in getting on themselves than community values and everyone in it together. I don’t buy all this they were bad, a lot of global events affected finance and there was such a feel-good factor in the country back then for a while and some good things did happen. But ultimately that’s why that vote was lent to the Conservatives to get certain things done, like Brexit which they voted for. What was particularly sad for me, and there still seems to be elements of, is the party not listening to people who know best. I had a campaigner knock on my door and try to tell me about the industry i work in and repeat what was a complete lie about the potential of £500m going to trump because of medicine price increases. Something that is impossible for many reasons, but oh no she knew best, having never dealt with healthcare or the pricing and approval of medicines. Something i do day in day out. The party needs to start listening to people and having an informed position from experts rather than shouting people down, which is a hangover from the momentum power. Act in the best interest of people, not a socialist agenda, as many people don’t want that. As for Kier Starmer, I hoe he can provide decent opposition and bring govt to account where things go wrong, but it has to be a worry for some of those traditional Labour heartlands that he did act very strongly against Brexit and he doesn’t identify with many people in the north. Thankfully for Labour, the govt has done a pretty poor job of COVID-19, so how they deal with the aftermath and the economy is crucial for them. Otherwise he’d just be in a caretaker role for the next 5 years as another election defeat looms, but not as bad as last time. But he has to make the most of this and be strong, rather than political point score off bad information…

2020-06-23 05:59:56

kthe5, still trotting out the same old rubbish, and even suggesting that Starmer is something special, a pathetic response to RayMo. Over sauced again, by far, hic.

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