County councillor takes up cause of long queues at Harlow Tip

News / Fri 26th Jun 2020 at 01:30pm

THE Essex County councillors who represent Harlow have taken up concerns of residents over the operating of the recycling centre in Harlow.

YH has been reporting that the centre off River Way opens and shuts several times during the day.

Essex County Councillor for Harlow West, Cllr Michael Hardware, (on behalf of the four Harlow county councillors) said:

“We have raised our concerns about the Harlow Tip directly with the cabinet member and will work with the waste team at ECC to solve the issues.

“The need to maintain social distancing for both residents and staff has meant that since it was re-opened earlier this month the throughput has been reduced. This coupled with huge demand caused by the long lock-down has meant inevitable long delays and long queues which, in turn, have affected other tenants of the industrial estate.

“There have also been reports of residents finding the tip closed on occasions. This is due to bin exchanges when the public have to be excluded for health and safety reasons. The massive volumes of waste being received means bins are being filled far quicker and need to be exchanged more regularly.

“In the meantime, we have asked for more staff to be on hand to advise residents as they arrive about these temporary closures.”

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3 Comments for County councillor takes up cause of long queues at Harlow Tip:

tony edwards
2020-06-27 09:44:46

I am glad that County Councillor Hardware is at long last "raising concerns" about this issue with his colleagues at County Hall. It a shame that it has taken so long. This item was first reported in YH on the 18th of May. The Essex Labour Group had warned the County Council prior to reopening that there would be problems and had suggested that a booking system be introduced, something that has been done successfully by other County Councils. Here's hoping that at long last something will now be done to resolve the issue. In the meantime we can only watch this space.

2020-06-27 11:17:23

Thanks Tony for your comments but as you very well know, these problems were anticipated and looked at well before the tip was re-opened. Cllr Garnett in particular has been engaged with this for many weeks. The problems were not unexpected as they are the same with every tip across Essex and probably across the whole country. Solutions for our tip, however, are limited due to its location and the need to minimise the impact of its operation on other tenants of the industrial estate. I am not so sure a booking system would help as that would reduce the throughput at the tip even further - not something Harlow residents would like to see in these times of high demand. Anyway, it is not relevant here as the main problem is with the temporary closure due to bin exchanges - we need better up-to-date information for residents - this is being looked at. Cllr Garnett and I will continue to visit the tip, as we have done on numerous occasions since it opened, in order to stay abreast of the problems.

tony edwards
2020-06-27 12:22:07

Thanks Michael Other Counties like neighbouring Suffolk have implemented a booking scheme. Re what Councillor Garnett has been doing, If he fails to tell the public - how are they to know? Look forward to the issues being sorted.

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