Harlow beauty salon owner angry at not being able to open

Business / Sat 27th Jun 2020 at 08:50am

THE owner of a Harlow Beauty Salon is angry at the government decision to not let them open yet.

While pubs and hairdressers in England have been given the all clear by government to reopen on 4 July, many business owners were disappointed to learn they must keep their doors closed for now.

YH went down to The Stow to speak to Sue Palmer, who owns the popular Salon 112 and asked for her thoughts on the matter.\

Sue has spoken to Harlow MP Robert Halfon.

Mr Halfon said: “Throughout this crisis I have been doing all I can to support every resident, business and community group in our town. I’ve been urging the Government for some time to reopen beauty and tanning salons, indoor sports clubs like the Harlow Gymnastics club and many other great community groups that under the current guidelines must remain closed. Only in the past day or so, I’ve written again to the Government calling for these businesses and groups to be allowed to return.

“I deeply sympathise with many of these businesses as they have suffered enormously. Whilst I’m glad the Government brought forward the package of support for businesses that they did – and this has protected over 13,000 jobs in Harlow and supported over 4,600 self-employed residents – we need these businesses and groups to be allowed to open as soon as possible. I will continue to put pressure on the Government and do all I can to support every resident, business and community group in our town”.

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3 Comments for Harlow beauty salon owner angry at not being able to open:

2020-06-27 10:53:16

So she should be the lockdown was a major mistake, the virus peaked before the lockdown, it was caused by media pressure and weak politicians like Halfron. Think about this the government has destroyed businesses by enforcing closure, then offers them debt in form of loans to keep going when they are "allowed" to re open. While it seems like they are helping in reality they are making it even harder as they saddle the business with debt. Why anyone think lib/lab/com are up to the job is beyond me, we need freedom restoring in this country and the government and public sector made much smaller. This type of thing must never happen again and the politicians in charge at all levels must be charged with malfeasance in public offices for what has occurred.

2020-06-27 14:27:33

offers them debt in form of loans ,Quote Perhaps you should find out the difference between a loan and a grant also rates relief etc

2020-06-27 14:59:31

@Jarrett not every company got a grant, and 10K is nothing in business terms trust me. Most of the funding is bounce back loans and CBIL loans, trust me what is coming is going to be 1000% worse than Covid and politicians have caused it. Covid is similar to the flu, in terms of hospitalization and deaths, in 2017 55K people died from the flue was there a lock down, was there a lock down for swine flu or previous other flu's Nope the government owns this and the destruction that comes

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