Cheers to July the 4th…..But please take care says Harlow Council’s leader

News / Tue 30th Jun 2020 at 02:29pm

Cheers to July the 4th…..But please take care says Harlow Council’s leader

Dear Sir,

PUBS and restaurants in Harlow will be re-opening to thirsty Harlow residents on Saturday July the 4th and for many this will be a cause for celebration and a further step towards a return to normal.

Drinkers and diners will be encouraged to use outdoor space as much as possible, menus will be single use disposable menus or on an app, social distancing at a metre will be expected, 2m if possible, and venues will also have to take steps to prevent large gatherings or mass events.

The measures listed remind us that, thankfully although infection rates are down and falling, COVID 19 is still present in the community and we all need to remain on our guard. Scenes like those witnessed recently on Bournemouth beach and in Liverpool are a worrying indication that some think the virus is beaten and it isn’t.

My concern is that the re-opening is on a Saturday, traditionally one of the busiest pub nights of the week. Personally I would rather have seen the relaxation mid-week to give pubs and restaurants a few days to embed the new service regimes, seating arrangements and outdoor spaces before the inevitable Saturday rush. Harlow Council will be deploying our Community Safety team in the Town Centre, neighbourhood shopping centres and other areas over this weekend patrolling pubs, clubs and other drinking venues and liaising carefully with the police with any concerns or issues that need to be addressed. Throughout this pandemic our number one priority has been to keep residents safe and to limit the spread of this virus.

However, it is down to the residents of Harlow to help keep themselves and others safe, by respecting the social distancing measures, observing the new rules and remembering we have a way to go to get through this and avoid a second wave of infections and deaths.

For many pubs and restaurants reopening is a time to celebrate again, but it remains a time to continue to be cautious.

Mark Ingall

Leader of Harlow Council

Civic Centre

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4 Comments for Cheers to July the 4th…..But please take care says Harlow Council’s leader:

2020-06-30 15:32:03

Who on earth does he think he is. What a plum.

2020-06-30 16:38:53

Strong advice which I hope many support. Showing positive leadership and common sense. We don’t want a second spike so please enjoy but stay sensible and save.

2020-06-30 18:29:10

Why would we listen to him another empty suit who claims to be our leader, worse is this case a socialist. Politicians are the lowest form, we need to stop funding them voting for them or following there diktats (laws as they call them) we would all be much happier and wealthier, they cause all the issues and division and then claim to "fix" them

2020-07-03 12:15:35

He's following in Mother Theresa's footsteps, answers for all problems, or so he thinks, he's a teacher, after all.

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