Harlow Labour condemn government plans to scrap free hospital parking for our NHS workers

News / Thu 9th Jul 2020 at 07:09am

Harlow Labour condemn government plans to scrap free hospital parking for our NHS workers

HARLOW Labour say they are stunned by Conservative plans to reintroduce hospital parking charges to NHS workers.

This of course comes after Boris Johnson’s comments on care workers saying care homes “did not following procedures.”

Responding to these proposals, Harlow Labour Leader Mark Ingall said: “I am appalled by the Government’s plan to scrap free car parking charges for our NHS workers.

This will mean a full-time NHS worker at Princess Alexandra Hospital, will have to find £120 per month to park their car at the hospital whilst continuing to work hard for us on the frontline.

It is a kick in the teeth for all our NHS workers who have given so much for us during this crisis. Making huge personal sacrifices and risking their own lives and health to combat this deadly virus.

This on top of the attack the Prime Minister made on our care workers less than 48 hours ago, shows this Government’s callousness towards our NHS and care workers.

“During the lockdown we all clapped for our NHS and care workers, it appears for the Tories that was just a gesture whilst for the rest of us this meant something more.”

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4 Comments for Harlow Labour condemn government plans to scrap free hospital parking for our NHS workers:

2020-07-09 07:48:27

Is there anything the left don`t condemn? They are becoming somewhat tedious.

2020-07-09 09:29:43

Perhaps it would be more helpful for Harlow Labour to talk about a solution (as well as sort out their own policies). That aside, it is incredible that NHS workers have to pay to park at their place of work. Considering that they were front line personnel, working in challenging circumstances, not all adequately protected AND known for receiving low pay, at the very least, they should have been exempt from this cost - permanently. What the government gives with one hand, they take back with the other. They should consider 'not withholding good from those to whom it is due, when it is in their power to act'. (Proverbs 3:27).

2020-07-09 19:50:01

Abigall - Free hospital parking was a Labour policy from at least 2017, maybe before. For example: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/labour-hospital-parking-charges-pledge-free-jeremy-corbyn-general-election-manifesto-government-a7723866.html Interestingly, it was also in the Tory manifesto at the last election. Here they have a opportunity to uphold an election pledge, but instead they are activly breaking the pledge. At the time, Robert Halfon said “We cannot say in good faith that the NHS is free at the point of access if people with cars face extortionate and unfair parking fees to get to their hospital appointments or to visit sick relatives.”

2020-07-10 13:44:35

Many thanks for that 'kthe5'. It is useful to be reminded of what politicians 'promise' in their manifestos and what is actually put in place. Very much a case of 'the proof being in the pudding'.

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