Celebrating “Glad To Care Week” at Ashlyn Care Home

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Celebrating Glad To Care Week at Ashlyn Care Home

The residents of Ashlyn Care Home in The Stow, Harlow, recently celebrated the first Glad to Care Week with team members at the home.
Glad to Care week is a national recognition week that is celebrated across the UK (6th-12th July), honouring key workers and those who work in the caring industries.

It was founded earlier this year with the aim to boost the profile or carers in the UK, as they realised these important people were getting little public recognition.

In support of the first Glad to Care Week, residents and team members across the Excelcare group took part by getting involved with a week of themed, daily activities.

Ashlyn Care Home was one of the homes who followed the week from start to finish, linking in with others and theming their activities in line with the national event.

Monday – Monday’s theme was fittingly, ‘Monday Motivation’ and all about the getting the residents inspired for the week ahead. It was an energetic day with movement to music sessions taking place. It was well enjoyed and certainly got people motivated for the week ahead.

Tuesday – ‘Thankful Tuesday’ was all about encouraging reminiscence and looking back so everyone could appreciate how they far they have come in their lives. Residents and team members were pampered in the salon and whilst having their hair styled, shared fond stories from family occasions and time spent with friends. This transformed into a follow-up story-time session which everyone got involved with.

Wednesday – Dubbed ‘Webinar Wednesday’, this day was all about connecting residents to videos and learning tools available online. They all gathered in the lounge and watched a show performed by ‘The Not Forgotten Association’. This particular show was regularly shown during the lockdown period and created lots of conversation, so watching the latest episode was pleasing for all.

Thursday – ‘Thoughtful Thursday’’ was spent reminiscing about the residents time spent at Ashlyn. To do this, they collated pictures taken during activities, day trips and events at the home. Many memories were recalled and cards received from family members also helped to bring back special moments. It was a heart-warming day that ended with a relaxed water painting activity.

Friday–‘Feel Good Friday’ ended the week on a high, with residents being encouraged to simply enjoy the day. Whether that was singing along to music, playing percussion instruments or getting up on their feet and dancing. Listening to some of Vera Lynn’s music really got the excitement up at the home and after enjoying a few, they each took time to remember her life and achievements.

It was a brilliant week at Ashlyn and one everyone enjoyed being a part of. Not only did it allow team members to celebrate all the things they love about caring for others but filled the activity schedule with varied, daily events.

Team members at the home said this had a very positive effect and brought smiles, happiness and confidence to those living at Ashlyn.

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