Harlow and Gilston Garden Town boss provides update regarding plans

Communities / Fri 24th Jul 2020 am31 08:24am

THE chair of Harlow and Gilston Garden Town has provided an update regarding their plans to improve the local transport network.

Chairman for the Garden Town, Guy Nicholson, said: “Harlow & Gilston Garden Town partners are currently developing a programme of future improvements to the local transport network.

“These include enhancing existing and creating new walking and cycling routes alongside highway improvements that will be designed to manage congestion and prioritise public transport.

“The first phase of works will connect the new Garden Town Gilston villages to Harlow town centre and are planned to be delivered in 2024/25.

“Stages two and three are still being planned and the new Latton Priory neighbourhood of the Garden Town falls into these later phases.

“There is an outline proposal for a Garden Town metro system that would connect communities across the Garden Town.

“However, the metro system is just one of many initiatives being put forward for consideration and the Garden Town partners will need the time and opportunity to consider these initiatives in depth.

“It is planned that, over the course of the autumn, the ideas for a future Garden Town transport and travel network will be discussed by all partners and a decision on the commissioning of any further planning and network design work will be made collaboratively following those discussions.”

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2020-07-25 10:35:04

Although only a short article, a very interesting one. It is well known that once new residents get into the habit of using transport to travel around, it is very hard to get them to change. The Plans for the new 'villages' around Harlow's borders are very well advanced, indeed the developers of Latton Priory are waiting for the whistle to blow shortly to start building as soon as possible. Despite this, the missing link (excuse the pun) is what sort of transport corridors are going to be built to mitigate the huge number of cars that will otherwise use Harlow's roads. Latton Priory will as things stand be completed by the time any such system is put in place. The picture shown is really the easy part, crossing what are now open fields from the Gilston area and running towards Harlow Town Station. What is not shown anywhere is how this will be extended to the town centre and beyond to Harlow's southern border and where and how it will cross existing roads and roundabouts. We know that Essex County Council do not support this proposal so it may well be a dead duck. I wonder if Guy Nicholson could tell us what other options are being suggested for consideration? If the work at The Gates roundabout is anything to go by, someone needs to start digging now, not wait around for years, by which time Harlow's roads will be one big car park.

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