Government announce major investment into Harlow, creating 1,600 new jobs to reboot local economy

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Government announce major investment into Harlow, creating 1,600 new jobs to reboot local economy

THE Government has announced that Harlow will receive a major investment as part of the new “Getting Building Fund”, helping to reboot the local economy. £6 million will fund four important projects and create 1,600 local jobs:

£1.5 million remodelling of Harlow College to boost skills and opportunities for Harlow’s young people

Harlow College will be able to remodel two of its aging buildings to support new T-Level qualifications in construction, digital, education and childcare, and health and science. The project will create local 1,095 new jobs.

A spokesperson for Selep said: “The 1,095 jobs to be created by the project has been calculated based on the number of apprenticeships due to be undertaken between 2021 and 2026.

“These apprenticeships will be completed across a range of sectors including construction, digital technology, education & childcare and health & science.”

£977k redevelopment of the town centre library

Harlow’s town centre library will be redeveloped to create a modern skills and learning hub in the heart of the town centre and, aligning with Harlow College, will offer training and skills courses to local residents. It will also create 39 new jobs and safeguard 50 current jobs, as well as creating 33 new homes.

£3.56 million to create new jobs and boost skills at the Harlow Science Park as part of the Modus and Nexus projects

490 new jobs will be created at Harlow’s Science Park to develop five manufacturing and light industrial units as well as new, high-grade office spaces. It will also create 60 construction jobs locally.

Commenting on the news, Robert Halfon MP said: “In December’s election, I promised to build an even better Harlow by securing more investment into our community. This extra £6 million shows that we are doing just that. But, not only are we building an even better Harlow, we are investing in jobs, skills and apprenticeships to help our young people with 1,600 new Harlow jobs.

“We are lucky to have such an incredible college in our town and this money will go a long way to help them. The town library has long needed a redevelopment and we are delivering it. The new funding for the Science Park coupled with the new hospital and move of Public Health England will make Harlow the health-science capital of the UK.

“So as we emerge from this crisis we can be optimistic that with our new hospital, the £600m move of Public Health England, the new Junction 7a, the regeneration of our town centre, the levelling up of our whole community and now this major investment from the Government, we will be stronger and better than ever before. More resilient, more innovative, more economically dynamic, but also more generous and more caring.”

Cllr Andrew Johnson, Leader of Harlow Conservatives said: “Our town is facing the most challenging time in its history and we must do everything possible to kickstart our local economy and create local jobs. This major investment will go a long way to doing just that and I want to thank our MP and the Government for their work to deliver it.

“Harlow has the potential to drive economic recovery in the East of England and this funding will help to cement that. Yet again, this Conservative government is investing in our town and delivering on our priorities.”

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