Harlow Council leader praises public over Covid-19 but issues warning to those who flout rules.

HARLOW Council leader has praised the public over Covid-19 but has issued warning to those who flout rules.

YH spoke to cllr Mark Ingall and asked him if he was impressed by response of Harlow residents to Covid-19 rules.

We also asked him if the council was going to take any action after hundreds flocked outside the Pink Spice Indian restaurant on Friday night.

The official Harlow Council response was:

“We are going to be speaking to Pink Spice about what occurred there last Friday and reminding them of their obligations.

“Whilst the council understands the need for business recovery following lockdown, an unreasonable impact on the community is unacceptable.

“Both our Licensing and Environmental Health teams are taking a coordinated approach with Essex Police to investigate whether all activity was in line with licensing law and COVID-19 guidelines and will take appropriate action within the powers we have available to ensure that both are complied with.”

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