Harlow Labour leader promises immediate action on cycle tracks.

News / Wed 12th Aug 2020 at 09:07am

Harlow Labour Leader promises immediate action on cycle tracks.

COUNCILLOR Mark Ingall, Leader of Harlow Council promised immediate action on any repairs needed to the ten percent of Harlow’s cycle tracks that are Harlow Council’s responsibility and urged Essex County Council to do the same for the ninety percent that they have responsibility for.

Councillor Ingall said “Many readers of Your Harlow will have seen me repeatedly asking Essex County Council to take urgent action to repair Harlow’s cycle tracks. These cycle tracks are an important but neglected asset to the town. The Covid 19 crisis and the climate emergency both point towards a need to look at healthier and more environmentally sustainable life styles. Restoring, and then maintaining our cycle tracks will encourage more cycling, providing health benefits and reducing traffic and associated pollution.

“£50,000 of Harlow’s environmental improvement fund has been allocated to start a repair program on the ten percent of the cycle network that we have identified as being our responsibility. I am pleased to say that, thanks to a regular programme of maintenance, these sections are in generally in good condition, but there are a few areas that require renovation. The £50,000 will resurface the worst sections and fill potholes across the remainder of the cycle tracks that Harlow Council has a duty to maintain.

“What is now needed is for Essex County Council to make a similar commitment. £450,000 would represent a similar spend per mile and would go a long way towards resurfacing and repairing those sections of our cycle tracks that Essex County Council have allowed to become dangerous. Of every £1 that Harlow collects in Council tax we only get to keep 15p to spend in Harlow, the remaining 85p in every pound goes to Essex County Council and the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner. It’s time we saw more of a return on our money and it’s long overdue for Essex to accept their responsibility and begin repairs.”

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2 Comments for Harlow Labour leader promises immediate action on cycle tracks.:

2020-08-12 10:04:34

Not before time, the cycle track alongside Joyner’s Field is dreadful. It’s a hazard to wheelchair users and cyclists. The pathway isn’t much better. When it’s cleaned it gets ripped up even more.

2020-08-12 10:13:25

What took so long, Harlow Council owned cycle tracks have been in a poor state for years. Is there Local Elections on the horizon! Better late than never. What would be really good for the future is a map of Harlow's cycle tracks showing which are owned by Harlow Council and which are Essex County Council's, published in Harlow Times.

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