Plans for 109 new homes in Newhall back in front of Harlow Council’s planning committee

News / Tue 25th Aug 2020 am31 07:24am

PLANS for 109 homes in Newhall are set to go back in front of the planning committee.

The site is roughly “L”-shaped with strips following the roads to both southern corners. The site is located so that it would be to the western side of and extensions to High Chase to the west of the site and Rosefield Lane (south/central), north of Thistle Head Lane; east of Hanley Lane/Perry Lane; and to the northern side of Round House Way at its south- easternmost extent.

There were two objections received on the following grounds:

– Lack of green space both within development site and generally across the whole of

– Limited provision of trees, shrubs and hedges

– Insufficient parking spaces resulting in on street parking to the detriment of people
trying to use their parking spaces

– Construction traffic should use separate road rather than a residential access

– Construction Delivery times are not being met
– Increased cars will cause congestion at school drop-off and pick-up times as there is
no parking for the existing school

– Public transport has yet to be provided on The Chase/High Chase
– Unacceptable noise and dust during construction, especially for those working from

– Existing temporary (heras) boundary fencing is broken and dangerous

– There are no amenities, pharmacies or GP surgeries

– The application site should provide green space and out-door space for adjoining
existing occupiers

The application will be heard on Wednesday September 2nd on Harlow Council’s YouTube channel.

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