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Communities / Sat 5th Sep 2020 at 08:46am

LIVEWIRE’S weekly workshops return across September as the country settles in to a new way of life, “The new normal”. As young people go back to school it will take time to adjust and having been away from friends at school will have huge impact on young people’s mental health and wellbeing in Harlow and across the UK.

This is where Livewire come in. For the past twenty years, Livewire have been ever present in our town working with young people. They have primarily used drama as a way of bringing the best out of young people, supporting them to feel more confident within themselves and helping them to feel a part of something unique. Nowadays Livewire also runs Music and Dance sessions alongside the varied age group sessions for Drama.

Livewire also has a history of turning out high quality, thought provoking and exciting pieces of Theatre. They recently received funding through The Arts Council and throughout lockdown have been busy coming up with creative ways to engage with young people in quarantine.

They devised a feature length film “Lockdown” and a series of videos called “FIVE!”, all aimed at discussing the important issues young people face and aiding them to be creative, engaged and motivated. These films can all be viewed on their YouTube page ‘Livewire Theatre’.

Becky Gentry, Livewire Dance Company leader told us “We are so excited to all getting back to being together, being creative and having fun! We have an exciting project to work towards that all members can be a part of and myself, Sam and Steve can’t wait to get started! If young people just want to turn up, give any of our groups a try they are very welcome! The door is always open! And we urge past members to return and get back to it, we have missed you all!”

Evening workshops will begin next week and young people can join for free, there is no need to book a space. Livewire are “Covid Aware” and have been hard at work to ensure all workshops are safe and prepared which will mean there is a limited number of spaces (in other words….first come first served!). If you would like to contact Livewire to discuss joining then please contact them via [email protected] or through their social media.

Beginning Wednesday 9th September
Livewire Music Collective (LMC) Year 7 up: 7 – 9pm Harlow Playhouse

Livewire Dance Company (LDC) Year 6, 7 & 8: Livewire Dance Company (LDC) Year 9 up:

Harlow Playhouse

Beginning Thursday 10th September

Livewire Drama Year 9 up:

Harlow Playhouse

Beginning Monday 21st September

Livewire Drama Year 3, 4, 5 & 6: Livewire Drama Year 7, 8, 9:
7 – 8pm 8 – 9pm
7 – 9pm
4 – 5pm 7 – 9pm

Pemberley Academy

HeadSpace sessions at Passmores Academy will resume once we are fully up and running.

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2021-08-14 06:14:46

My Olivia would like to start drama. She is very confident. But can be shy so I’m hoping this would help. Please can you give me some prices and also what days you are at pembley academy. My kindest regards vikki

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