Harlow women set to undertake “ration challenge” for refugees

Charity / Wed 9th Sep 2020 at 05:18am

A HARLOW woman is undertaking a “ration challenge” to help refugees from Syria.

Vicky O’Brien told YH: “I’m doing the Ration Challenge UK from 13th September to 20th September.

This is to support refugees in camps in Jordan, from Syria. 

I’ve been following the plight of Syria for years and the money raised will support Refugees with food, medical care and education so that women can support themselves with their own business. 

For as little as £2.19 You can sponsor a refugee to eat for a whole week. That is the price of a beer. 

“I’ve been getting ready by exercising and cutting out unhealthy foods, so I should be in optimum health to take on this challenge. Refugees dont have that option. 

I’m part of a team called Robyn’s rations. We have been sharing recipes for flat bread and congee. 

I’ve found it incredibly hard to get sponsors because many people are anti refugee, however by doing this challenge refugees have more chance of being able to stay closer to their lands because the education to support themselves.

Let’s face it, no one wants to be forced from their home into a new hostile location aware from community and family. Many refugees have their homes destroyed and are arrested if they protest.

Where are they meant to go? It’s another form of genocide. We come from a country of “lest we forget” In a not to distant future we might be saying the same where we could actually avoid it if we work together to support fellow humans. 


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