Harlow Labour slam MP Robert Halfon over backing law-breaking Brexit bill

News / Tue 15th Sep 2020 at 01:58pm

Harlow Labour Call Out Robert Halfon for Backing Law-Breaking Brexit Bill  

ON Monday 14th September, MPs had the chance to vote down the Internal Market Bill – A bill designed to break international law. The proposed law provides Boris Johnson with powers to override parts of the Brexit agreement that both he and Harlow MP Robert Halfon celebrated as “delivering a great Brexit Deal” say Harlow Labour.

Harlow Labour question whether Robert Halfon misled the people of Harlow, when he said he had “Got Brexit Done”? If the previous deal was so good, why has Mr Halfon now voted for a bill that overrides it?   

Many Tory MPs on both sides of the previous “leave” and remain” arguments abstained from the vote which all living former Tory Prime Ministers and former Tory Attorney General Geoffrey Cox have criticised, with some citing it as “Profoundly un-Conservative”. 

Harlow Council’s Labour Leader said: 

“It is staggering that Mr Halfon supported this bill. He celebrated the fact he had Got Brexit Done and cashed in on the support. He has now gone behind our backs and has voted for a bill that specifically undermines parts of that deal. 

“Does Mr Halfon truly represent Harlow, or does he blindly follow the Prime Minister’s orders – even if that involves breaking international law?”

YH has approached Mr Halfon for a comment. 

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