Great Parndon residents angry at speeding motorists

GREAT PARNDON residents have called for action to combat speeding motorists after a series of incidents on their roads.

Many residents believe roads such as Kingsmoor Road have become like racetracks.

Residents have contacted Harlow MP Robert Halfon as well as Essex County Councillors for Harlow, cllrs Mike Hardware and Clive Souter

They have chronicled a long list of their concerns. We have re-published them here and will be contacting the politicians to see what can be done.


  1. This road has become a race track and shortcut. Many elderly residents have a stressful time crossing to the shops. Also young children run the gauntlet going to school where we no longer have crossing control. Something needs to be done. 

2. Definitely in need of some speed bumps down there – it will slow the traffic and people will stop using it as a cut through…. 

3. Road is more like Silverstone than a 30mph road. There will no doubt be a nasty accident one day. 

4. Often hear cars speeding and screeching especially in the early hours. My mother had a problem crossing in her electric wheelchair during the day. It looked clear as she started to cross then a car sped up the road and actually hooted his horn at her!! 

5. There is a person who drives a car with a big bore exhaust down Kingsmoor Road early every morning at about 60mph. Not only does it wake me up but it is a good example of brainless, reckless driving. Should ban this person and throw their keys away! 

6. Have you noticed that nowhere in the Great Parndon ward has any speed humps or traffic calming measures like the rest of Harlow. Every other school has traffic calming but neither Jerounds or St Lukes has. Needs local councillor to be lobbied. 

7. We have campaigned for years to get calming measures to slow down the vehicles in Kingsmoor Rd and Three Horseshoes. We were successful in getting speed activated signs and signs on the road telling motorists it’s 30 mph but our requests have been ignored. Bearing in mind Kingsmoor Rd is in the vicinity of three schools we have lost our school crossing control. Are Essex Council waiting for a child to be injured before any action is taken.? I have along with two colleague’s carried out Speed Watch and proved there is a serious speeding problem along these roads. 

8. Why do flashing road signs for advisory 30 mph work in other areas and not in ours? A second one is badly needed and occasional police checks as a follow-up. This works very well in other places like Gilston, or indeed speed cameras as in North Weald, Epping and Ongar. We should not need ugly humps in our beautiful Kingsmoor Road. 

9. Maybe occasional presence with speed guns would help. If drivers learned that these were sometimes present they would be more careful. Some time ago we did have these on Kingsmoor Road. I’m not sure who should be approached about this – perhaps Essex CC or the police. 

10. The warning signs are lit by at least one vehicle every time I walk on that road, most are in the 30-40 range, but there are often vehicles at over those speeds. On the walk to school it’s often the parents cars speeding, the no 5 bus is a common one. A lot use it as a cut through, but can do 60 on Katherine’s and 40 on Southern Way. A lot of cars bounce off the rev limiter down the road just to pull in at the shop. The only time I’ve seen/heard about a mobile police camera was coming out at 10am on a Sunday which was pointless. Need to be there 7-9:30am 3-6pm. 

11. I live on Kingsmoor Road. They cut through from Katherine’s Way and drive at stupid speeds. Apparently if you contact Essex Police and inform them they will come down with speed guns. It’s ridiculous and bloody dangerous how fast they drive down this road. I have children as well. They’re are alot of elderly people about also. Something really need to be done 

12. Speeding in this area has been a problem for a long time. Many a time I have started to cross the cross the road with a pensioner or a young child and had a car appear from nowhere at speed. However, it seems a lot worse in recent months and at all times of the day and night. I think alot of drivers use it as a cut through to avoid turning right onto Katherine’s Way and using Abercrombie Traffic lights. If we had something in place they would avoid using this area as a speeding track and a cut through too. 

13. I agree with all the above except for the suggestion of installing speed ramps. We live near the junction of Kingsmoor and Southern Way and already have constant disturbance all day and well into the small hours from lorries driving over the two roundabouts on Southern Way. It’s worse at night when they don’t need to slow down! We already have to close our bedroom windows to reduce the existing traffic disturbance. I would suggest chicanes as a suitable alternative for reducing speed on Kingsmoor Road. As for the idiot with the loud exhaust at 6am 

14. A few weeks ago, my neighbour and I who live in Kingsmoor Road spoke to a policewoman who was doing speed checks in Parsloe Road. She was extremely helpful and took down information which we gave her and explained that speed checks (with handheld cameras) are only carried out if enough people complain. We all know that Kingsmoor Road has become a race track for some drivers – both cars and motor bikes – and we urgently need something done before serious accidents/injuries are caused and more pets are killed. Please everybody complain and encourage others to do so. I feel that this is the only way in which we will make progress. 

15. Definitely need something done for Kingsmoor Road. Nearly always have cars rushing up behind me when keeping to the 30mph limit. I have also been tooted when crossing the road by a car doing at least 50mph 

16. Last night at 12.19am my whole household were awoken by the loudest engine noise we have ever heard on Kingmoor Road. It back fired several times which sounded like gun fire. I hate to think of the speed it was going at. Not sure if it was a bike or car. 

17. Pyenest Road is getting nearly as bad especially at night 

18. Does Katherines Way and Third Avenue really need to have 60mph limits ? 50mph is plenty. Seeing as these roads are joined by 40 & 30 mph. It encourages racetrack style driving and makes entering from Paycock rd risky. 

19. Coming out of Paycock Road even at 6.45 am is a nightmare with so many cars travelling so fast. Also agree, Kingsmoor Rd definitely in need of something to slow everyone down and also Three Horseshoes Road. Like everyone says, accident waiting to happen. 

20. Our house backs onto the The Three Horseshoes Road . It won’t be long before there is a bad accident on this road, cars speed way to fast in both directions

21. In the 5/6 years we have lived here, my neighbour opposite has had an upside down car in her drive (courtesy of a wreckless driver) and has just lost her cat this weekend to a speeding motorist (in front of her I might add) while my nextdoor neighbours have had a car crash into their front wall (by another speeding motorist who lost control!) and countless others speeding past me as I walk my dog! This is totally unacceptable behaviour!

Control measures need to be put in place down Three Horseshoes Road and Kingsmoor/Paycock Road. I am fed up of being tailgated with my kids in the car because I refuse to go over the speed limit! I have children and so do my neighbours and countless others along here, I cannot believe that the council can be so irresponsible to wait until there’s a fatality before they do something about this! They need to put chicanes in like Bishops Stortford, not useless road humps that fall apart and don’t stop 4×4 vehicles! 

22. I live on Three Horseshoes Road and in January 2019 we had our front wall knocked down by a speeding driver, the driver also smashed through out neighbours front fence, and was doing at least double the speed limit, I also hate being tailgated by speeding drivers when trying to pull off and on my drive, we all have busy lives but there is just no excuse for the speed that some people do along these roads, something definitely has to be done. 

23. Seven months ago my mum, Brenda, took on a homeless cat that she found on this group. ‘Kitty’ settled immediately and absolutely loved his new home becoming a very, very loved little friend. Tragically, on Friday evening he was killed, in front of my mum, on Three Horseshoes Road by a speeding car. The female driver briefly stopped, and then, as my shocked and terribly upset mum tried to rescue Kitty, the driver drove off. In my view, how cruel, uncaring and heartless to know that an older lady was beside herself having watched her beloved cat be killed in front of her and then to just drive off? If you were that driver, perhaps you might now have this on your conscience. 

24. If this was not enough, as I drove down Kingsmoor Road yesterday evening I was greeted by a car overtaking a bus at great speed on the same side of the road as I was. It narrowly missed me – mainly due to the fact I was driving at 20mph. This is not the first little cat to be killed in this area due to speeding drivers, or the first car I have witnessed – with arrogant drivers treating our roads as race tracks. When will people realise that the consequences of their stupidity can be tragic – next time it WILL be a child. 

25. I contacted the police last night. I asked them what would need to happen to do something about this. They advised me to write to this group urging everyone who witnesses speeding cars to contact them and the council. Please do. Please stop any more beloved pets being killed. My mum is absolutely devastated today.

26. This is so sad, really sorry for your loss. People do speed along this road we had our front wall hit and knocked down in January 2019 by a speeding driver, just don’t know how people can walk away with no thought 

27. I’m so so sorry. I lost my Jack in 2018 on Abercrombie Way to a car accident. And I’m so sick and tired of the speeding drivers round here. They zoom up and down Woodcroft too. Its a residential area, with schools, a drs and many older residents. 40mph on Abercrombie is a disgrace. 

28. More really sad news due to speeding drivers. Pets are such an important pert of our families, particularly for a person who lives alone. So sorry for your mum – Kitty was obviously a valued companion. 

29. That’s really sad . I have thought for a while that the buses travel far too fast down Three Horseshoes Road . One took the bend so fast and wide I had to go up the kerb . I do know that if they stopped the bus route on there it would affect a lot of people but I think it’s a dangerous bit of road . 

3-. So sad to read this and my heart goes out to your mum ? People just don’t care I’m afraid which is why we live in the kind of society we do ? I hope that speeding, reckless drivers hit a brick wall before they hit an innocent animal or child 

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