Police issue message of reassurance to parents, carers and guardians

Crime / Sat 3rd Oct 2020 at 11:52am

OVER the last fortnight Essex Police has received a number of reports of people acting suspiciously around young people.

This has coincided with posts circulating on social media which has caused parents, guardians and carers some concern.

Today Chief Supt Andrew Mariner is reassuring parents.

He said: ” I want to personally reassure parents and others across the county regarding social media speculation which has been underway for the last fortnight.

“As a parent myself, I want you to know that I absolutely understand the worry something like this causes. We mustn’t jump to conclusions based on 
things we see on our social media feeds.

“Essex Police has received a number of reports about people acting suspiciously around young people.

“We have looked into every report, and, in nearly every case, what has been reported has not matched the facts our officers have discovered on the ground.

“We will always investigate reports of this kind and it’s right that people call us if they have a concern.

“We have put a number of measures in place to ensure we look at all reports that come in.

“I can tell you we have seen no links between the reports we have received.
“However, yesterday, on Thursday 1st October, there was one incident in Halstead involving parents and their child, and I would appeal 
for anyone who has any information about this to get in contact with us.”

If you have any information about the incident in Halsted or any concerns contact Essex Police 101 or 999 in an emergency.

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1 Comment for Police issue message of reassurance to parents, carers and guardians:

2020-10-04 21:13:59

Its not only what is seen on Facebook. I myself do not have any social media accounts . It is what is being written and read in the news daily mail daily mirror The sun Individual town new's so don't be so niave and quick to try and put the thought into parents/careers mind that its nothing or situations being blown out of proportion. I have been reading about these incidents and I am shocked and sickened that measures have not been put into place to stop situations like this occurring or possibly occurring to begin with. I my self as a parent feel sick to my stomach with the thought of even walking my child to school I and the very many others I have had this discussion with feel the same as I believe parents out their have gone about their every day life in a different way to avoid being in a potential dangerous situation. Don't let us parents/careers/familys down believe in what we are telling you and take it seriously. Trust is a two way street and if parents/careers feel their children's safety is in danger parents/careers will act accordingly if they don't feel like they have the support and help of local authority. Do More Help More Help Us Protect Our Children

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