Letter to Editor: The day Pink Floyd came to town

Entertainment / Sun 11th Oct 2020 at 08:33am

THREE years ago we asked if anyone went to see Pink Floyd at The Birdcage nightclub in 1967.

Three years later, we have had a reply from Philip Palmer.


Aged 17, I saw Pink Floyd play at the Birdcage in 1967. Sadly, I have no souvenirs from that night.

I was into soul music and around that time, Eddie Floyd had a  hit with “Knock on Wood”.  I must have only registered the word “Floyd”, so I set off on my scooter from Southampton to the Birdcage expecting to see E.F. and was disappointed to see Pink Floyd.

I thought they were “cheating” when one of the band put on a reel to reel taperecorder to enhance their sound!

How wrong I was. I wish I had taken my camera with me.

The only small “compensation” that year was going to Eel Pie Island. I can’t remember who was on, and all I can remember is walking over that bridge and, once in, walking over lots of broken glass.  I still have my membership card though!


Philip Palmer

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1 Comment for Letter to Editor: The day Pink Floyd came to town:

David Court
2020-10-12 10:36:27

I was there that night to see Pink Floyd at the birdcage in 1967. It was more about the psychedelic light show as we had never seen that at a concert before. It was when Sid Barret was in the group, and Arnold Layne was in the charts. Good times.real music not like today’s rubbish.

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