Ashlyns resident Eileen knits poppies for Remembrance Sunday

Communities / Tue 20th Oct 2020 at 06:23am

REMEMBRANCE Sunday is an important day for those living in Excelcare Homes, like Ashlyn’s in Harlow as many either lived through the war or had friends and family directly affected by it.

Each Remembrance Day, hosted this year on the 8thNovember, care homes across the group engage residents in themed activities and give them the chance to mark the day properly, whilst remembering those who lost their lives.  

The residents of Ashlyn Care Home were recently delighted to hear that Harlow Council had put out a knitted poppy appeal into the community, asking people to make their own and submit it to be included in a large poppy display. The residents enjoy getting involved in community projects, especially during the current lockdown, as it allows them to keep contributing to their local area.

Eileen, who lives at Ashlyn, was especially keen to get involved in the project as she is an experienced knitter. Before taking on the task, Eileen told the team a little bit about her history with the hobby.

Eileen was born in Cricklewood, London, in 1929. She remembers starting to knit and crochet in 1953 when she became a mum. She said “everything was expensive in those days. You couldn’t but too many things because you couldn’t afford it”. Because of this, she used to knit all types of items from bed sheets and armchair covers, to pram blankets and clothes.

She liked being able to help her family, whilst enjoying the hobby at the same time! Now, in 2020, Eileen still enjoys knitting but no longer because she needs to.

So, for this poppy appeal project, Eileen was happy to get her needles out and make a colourful knitted flower for Harlow’s Remembrance Day display. This brought back many memories for Eileen and she enjoyed being able to make use of her knitting talents to benefit others.

After completing the poppy, Eileen showed Camelia, a Lifestyle Coordinator at the home, her knitting box, which contained some of her previous projects as well as magazines from all those years ago. She said, “you can’t find them like this nowadays!”

It was heart-warming to see Eileen continue one of her favourite hobbies and share the memories she has connected to knitting. Eileen will continue to practice knitting and will look out for other projects she can help out with in the future.

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