Football: The Harlow Town FC revolving door

IT CANNOT help that the team at the bottom of the league has already played thirty players.

That’s thirty players in just nine league and cup games.

Not every team can replicate the championship-winning Liverpool side of 1965-66 season that used just fourteen players but this cannot help develop a winning team.

Unless of course, that isn’t your priority.?

So, we thought we would keep a tally

Harlow Town 2020-21

Either started or come on as substitute

Rob Budd

Dave Collis

Chris Bourne

Hector Mackie

George Doyle

Syrus Gordon

Warren Kayembe

Christian Adu Gamfi

L’Hereux Menga

Amar Lewis

Marcus Marku

Aundre Spencer

Jack McQueen

Ruaridh Kay


Songona More-Kone

Dillon Gordon

Jeremy Sivi

Tristan Francois-Vermail

Jake Nickless

Antony Pappodopolous

Kone Haziz

Ahmet Biler

Craig Alcock

Issa Mpenga

Callum Taylor

Gavin Austin

Elliott Styles

Jaedon Phillips

James Pugsley

Patrick Campbell

That’s thirty up to the defeat against Ware. We will update as we go.

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