Planning permission granted for 150 homes on Terminus Street

News / Sat 26th Dec 2020 at 12:38pm

PLANNING permission has been granted for 150 homes on Terminus Street, Harlow.

The Harlow Council planning committee met just before Christmas and agreed to accept a number of amendments to the original application that had been deferred in October.

The applicants are IPE Harlow Ltd and Terminus House (Commercial) LLP.


Members deferred the application from their committee meeting in October 2020 to enable the applicants to respond to a number of issues raised with a view to securing alterations to the proposal and to enable them to receive advice from an independent advisor relating to development viability. The issues were as follows:

  •   Explanation of viability and the proposed claw back mechanism
  •   Consideration of conditions to control working hours and the means to safeguardpedestrians during construction works
  •   Explanation of the use and management of the podium open space area
  •   Explanation of the impacts on the access road for to the college and theimplications of the scheme for the students coming past the site
  •   Dispersal of affordable housing through the building (pepper potting)

The committee heard what progress had been made since October including:

You can follow this item from the fourth minute onwards.

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1 Comment for Planning permission granted for 150 homes on Terminus Street:

Phillip Hall
2020-12-28 11:19:34

Great that's just what this town needs more people brought in from other areas of the country whislt Harlow still has a huge homeless problem and Harlow born people waiting years on the housing list like myself. This town and the council have become a utter joke of late.

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