Letter to Editor: Appeal to Harlow MP over Gay Conversion Therapy

News / Thu 11th Mar 2021 pm31 03:59pm


I have written the following letter to my MP.

Dear Mr Halfon

I write to ask that you apply all possible pressure on the Equalities Minister (Kemi Badenoch) to introduce a complete and total ban on ‘so called’ Gay Conversion Therapy in the UK.

Despite the Prime Minister expressing his support for a ban two years ago, the government has yet to bring this ban about.

The Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch (although expressing vague intentions) seems reluctant or unwilling to bring a complete ban into law. Choosing instead to continually use carefully worded phrases reflecting no conviction or certainty.

Even a key member of the government’s LGBT+ Advisory Panel, on Wednesday resigned from her role in protest – accusing ministers of being “ignorant” about the issues affecting the community.

As an experienced professional Psychotherapist working and living in Harlow I am all too often witnessing the psychological and emotional damage to people of different age ranges caused by this abhorrent and dangerous practice.

My experience is that people are often very vulnerable and feel forced into such therapies by the intense pressure and shame put upon them by manipulative and often powerful individuals, by some religious organisations and groups. The damage this inflicts is devastating and often long lasting. Have we forgotten what, as a civilised nation, we did to the likes of Alan Turing and others like him?

My LGBT+ clients are worryingly reporting they experience increased homophobia in the Harlow area (and I suspect nationally). They are facing increased hostility and intolerance by many sections of the community. Although I realise that a total ban on gay conversion ‘therapy’ will not end this discrimination and intolerance of itself, I do believe it will help to reduce the growing intolerance and homophobia.

As a professional I ask that you support equality and fairness for all and help get the abhorrent practice of so called Gay Conversion Therapy totally banned by law in this country.

Yours sincerely

David J. Kelly MBACP (Accred)

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