Stewards Academy elect head boy and girl

Education: Secondary / Mon 19th Jul 2021 at 04:15pm

ONE of the key focal points of the year at Stewards Academy is the election of the new Head Boy, Head Girl and deputies. They take this as an opportunity to remind and educate pupils of their democratic rights as they move into adulthood. 

The opportunity is open to all pupils in Year 10 and those interested in the prestigious positions complete an application form before participating in an interview. A selection panel choose who goes through to the final round and the selected candidates deliver a speech to the academy community. 

This year, four boys and four girls went through to the final round. They prepared their speeches, rehearsed with a member of staff ready to deliver to each year group and then received the news that we would need to switch to a live virtual event instead. After the disruption of the last sixteen months the candidates took this in their stride and adapted their delivery accordingly. 

The speeches were delivered to pupils and staff across the academy, and to those pupils isolating at home. Voting was completed swiftly with the help and support of form tutors and then the Returning Officers got to work. These votes were added to the online link set up for pupils at home.  

Di da Vighi, Assistant Headteacher, said: “I am very proud of all of the candidates that put themselves forward for these positions. They have shown maturity and resilience at all stages. It was a team effort in preparing for the day and I would like to thank all the staff involved in making it run so smoothly. Congratulations and well done to all.” 

Helen Ginger, Headteacher, said: “Each of the candidates deserve our praise for their articulate and expressive speeches. Certainly, some of the best speeches I have heard in my time at Stewards. All the candidates have been awarded positions of responsibility that I am sure they will be very successful in. Many congratulations to our democratically elected Head Boy- Emmanuel, Head Girl- Poppy, Deputy Head Boy- Wahid and Deputy Head Girl- Tiffany. I look forward to working with you as the heads of the student body.”  

If you are interested in following the life of Stewards Academy, we regularly have updates on Twitter and Instagram. Please follow us @StewardsAcademy and @Stewards_Head on Twitter and @stewardsacademy on Instagram.  A final source of information is here on YourHarlow where you can see lots of things we have been up to previously:  


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