New wildflower verges are brightening up Harlow

Lifestyle / Sun 25th Jul 2021 at 08:09am

WORK to create and maintain new wildflower floral verges around the town has been receiving positive feedback from local residents.

The joint initiative between HTS Group Ltd and  Harlow Council is a trial project involving four areas – Mark Hall Park, Third Avenue, Second Avenue and Southern Way – which could see more wildflower verges created around the town.

Floral verges enhance biodiversity by encouraging a wider range of wildlife including bees and other pollinators and so help improve the natural environment. Similar projects have been trialled in other areas in the country.

Residents have been sharing photos on social media of the sites as they bloom and talking positively about the difference the displays are making to their wellbeing and the environment. 

Recently Councillor Alastair Gunn, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environment and Councillor Matthew Saggers Ward Councillor for Mark Hall, met up with Andy Bradley HTS Assistant Parks and Landscapes Manager at Mark Hall Park to discuss the project and to see one of the displays for themselves.

Councillor Alastair Gunn, said: “I loved seeing the new wildflower verge in Mark Hall Park. It works so well with the backdrop of St Mary at Latton Church, and in view of the iconic Solo Flight sculpture. This is a great initiative from HTS that’s being delivered with Harlow Council. I’m looking forwards to the results of the wildflower verge pilot later this summer, and seeing how we can do more to enhance Harlow’s natural environment and support biodiversity in the town.”

Councillor Matthew Saggers, said: “It is great to see such great ecological projects in the Mark Hall ward to show off the area’s great places of interest. The location of such a beautiful verge will be enjoy by residents and local community  groups who have strong links to nature and the environment. I look forward to seeing more of these in my ward and across the town so they can be enjoy by all now and in years to come.”

While HTS were at Mark Hall Park a local resident, Maggie, who helps out at the St Mary of Latton Church, came over and chatted to the team and told them how beautiful the floral verge looked and how she would love see more of them in the future.

Throughout Harlow there are areas already left for wildspace. These include land currently managed by Harlow Conservation Volunteers, areas of meadow and areas of verge and bank that are currently left long. The Council is due to agree a new tree planting and biodiversity strategy in November.

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8 Comments for New wildflower verges are brightening up Harlow:

Bob Davis
2021-07-25 10:54:11

Pity they didn't invite the other Cllr Bob Davis also a Mark Hall Councillor and director at HTS

Tony Durcan
2021-07-25 12:41:33

Pity they didn’t mention anything about this being a Labour priority that came out of the Labour council budget last year. Sad they forget to mention the former Labour cabinet member Danny Purton who authorised it. Sad but not surprised they didn’t make any reference to the joint approach made by myself and a Tory councillor to keep pushing this idea. Just another example of re writing history and taking credit for something they had nothing to do with. Just more political spin.

Richard Adams
2021-07-25 13:16:38

Went for a walk along 3rd Avenue this morning and the wild flower beds were stunning. Well done HTS and Harlow Council. I think the days of closely mown verges will be relics of the past and let’s hope we see more of our open spaces managed to encourage biodiversity. Pity messers Davis and Duncan couldn’t have said something positive instead of trying to score political points.

Tony Durcan
2021-07-25 15:41:37

Richard this isn’t about political point scoring from Labour. It’s about the truth. Tories forgot to invite the local Labour councillor for the ward? Tories forget to mention this was designed developed, funded and planted by the Former Labour council?. Tories forgot the original concept came from Labour with support from one Tory councillor only ?. So let not simple re write history but be more honest and transparent. Political point scoring from the Tory spin Doctor I suspect,not me. Thank you PS you spelt my surname name incorrectly .

2021-07-25 15:46:23

The one by st Mary at Patton church was lovely till people walked so though it and flatten it. Can we have it back next year.

Robert D
2021-07-25 21:56:41

I love these verges and I took pics of the ones near Staple Tye they cheer the Town up. That's all that matters here for the Residents. Thank you who ever made this happen.

Richard Adams
2021-07-26 13:58:31

Tony my apologies for spelling you name wrong but my phone autocorrected to Duncan I should have checked. I felt I had to say something because the original article did not mention political parties just the councillors names. I wouldn’t have clue what party they belong to and I don’t think the majority of readers in the town would either. Your comments came across as a little negative on what is for once a good news story about Harlow.

Jake Shepherd
2021-07-26 17:31:19

With next March marking the 75th anniversary of Harlow's designation as a new town and with a 1/3 of the town being green space, perhaps we should aim to create 75 designated strips or verges around the town to help pollinators and improve air quality? A great success story and a living legacy of the late Cllr Danny Purton (former Environment Portfolio Holder). Something that could be built upon next year I am sure. Well done Harlow Council (especially Patrick).

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