Stewards Academy sports day rises to the occasion

Education: Secondary / Tue 27th Jul 2021 at 08:23am

AS with many things at Stewards Academy this year, the PE department had to devise many versions of ‘Sports Day’ to enable the event to take place. And rise to the occasion they did!

Although a number of pupils, including Year 9, were unable to participate because of self-isolation, the PE department was determined to end the year on a high and offer as close to ‘normal’ a day as possible. 

Events included swimming, netball, football, tag rugby, track races and tutor relays and everyone’s favourite- tug of war! As the sun shone down, lots of fun was had by pupils and staff alike. The house colours were on display as well as some interesting competitions being sported for the occasion.

The PE department had led on inter-form competitions throughout the final half term including rounders, netball and football. All points were added together with the sports day totals to help determine the overall house winners for 2020-2021. This is the first year with Stewards’ new house system and the overall winners were Prowess (purple). The gauntlet has definitely been thrown down for the next academic year!

One Year 10 pupil taking part in their final sports day said: “I am so pleased we were allowed to have this today. We have missed out on so many things because of covid but today was great fun! I really want to thank the teachers for making it happen.”

Helen Ginger, Headteacher, said: “After the last 17 months of disruption to our young peoples’ lives I am pleased that we were able to offer this activity for them. A big thank you to the PE department and staff involved for making the day happen.”

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