Review: Summer menu a delight at Prezzo restaurant

Entertainment / Mon 9th Aug 2021 at 11:47am

ON Friday afternoon, we visited Prezzo on North Street in Bishop Stortford to try out their summer menu.

It was a bright warm summers day and we had the good fortune to be met by pleasant and friendly staff at the restaurant.

The review has to be written bearing in mind what we have all been going through for the last sixteen months and so the whole lunch was made all the better by being out and about in a busy airy light restaurant and an experience that set us up for the weekend.

If you are understandably concerned about being inside and being near people then the restaurant is very spacious. If they have made any adaptations to seating then it is not obvious but it is natural.

The great thing about the Prezzo menu is that it can be a light lunch and it can be a very filling three courses. It is entirely up to you.

We enjoyed the Italian Hummus and Tomato Bruschetta, both of which were light and tasty.

To drink we enjoyed a wonderful Apple and Rhubarb Cooler. It was all part of a really refreshing breezy summer lunch.

One of the highlights and indeed a must try as part of their summer menu is the Creamy Seafood Ravioli. This summer special consists of crab and lobster ravioli topped with oak-smoked salmon flakes and peas,, in a creamy garlic, lemon and tarragon butter sauce. Garnished with rocket and lemon.

Whichever, Prezzo you visit, you have to try the Creamy Seafood Ravioli.

Whatever you try, they do not skimp on the portions.

For example, the Spaghetti Carbonara is a huge portion of rich creamy carbonara with a real depth due to the bacon and cheese. There was no skimping on quality and taste. Outstanding.

We can also recommend the King Prawn and Salmon Risotto. Again, this was light but substantial.

We complimented the main meal with a lovely portion of Garlic Bread.

This was a lovely lunch spent chatting and lookin gout on the main street in Bishops Stortford. it was good to be back out and we cannot recommend highly enough experiencing the summer menu at Prezzo.

Full details of menu and locations of restaurant are below.


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