Harlow Council want your views on planning policies

General / Tue 14th Sep 2021 at 08:53am

HARLOW Council would like to hear residents’ views on new planning policies it wishes to adopt as it consults on its Design Guide.

In particular, views are invited on building heights in the town centre, privacy and overlooking, amenity space, householder guidance and climate change. Documents can be viewed on the council’s website – www.harlow.gov.uk/spd – with comments invited via an online survey, by email or in writing.

The council already has a Design Guide adopted in 2011, which is used when examining design principles in assessing planning applications. Although dated, most of the content of the existing Design Guide is still relevant, but it does not include guidance on a range of subject matters in the recently-updated national planning policy and guidance.

The Design Guide policy addendum will address such issues to assist the delivery of the design, amenity and climate change policies in the recently-adopted Harlow Local Development Plan and is made up of the following sections:

Tall Buildings
Privacy & Overlooking
Amenity Space & Gardens
Updated Householder Guidance
Climate Change

Councillor Michael Hardware, portfolio holder for strategic growth, said: “It is important that residents and businesses have their say and give us their comments on this document, which will be used to help determine future planning applications, as well as inform pre-application discussions.

It is especially important as the town is going develop significantly in the future with Harlow and Gilston Garden Town and the regeneration of the town centre. The document has particular relevance for the town centre, where tall buildings are being proposed.

We want to ensure developers take into consideration appropriate height, scale, massing and materials for tall buildings, as well as overshadowing and light requirements both for occupiers and street level pedestrians. The tall buildings section also addresses the potential impact of buildings on the landscape setting of Harlow and views across the town that could change over time as tall buildings are built.

“Another important area for this consultation is climate change and ensuring the protection of the local environment is considered and the protection of the global environment.”

The consultation closes on Friday 1 October 2021.

Documents can be viewed online at www.harlow.gov.uk/spd and at the Civic Centre and in all Harlow libraries. Comments can be submitted via an online survey, or email to [email protected] or can be posted to: Forward Planning, Harlow Council, Civic Centre, The Water Gardens, Harlow CM20 1WG.

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11 Comments for Harlow Council want your views on planning policies:

2021-09-14 11:19:58

Missing elements on consultation include the town's transport policy. This will have a marked effect on the nature of the town centre and the quality of life and the environment here. The current policy and strategic plan is hopelessly out of date will make pollution and congestion worse and takes little notice of Climate change, or of the great progress in technology as shown and employed in other towns in the UK and across the world. Visit Portsmouth or Cambridge free park and low cost ride and avoid the congestion. Trying to regenerate town centres as shopping centres has failed again and again everywhere because Councils refuse to recognise they are trying to resurrect a corpse of a model that died once the public decided shopping centres at the edge of towns were more accessible and that now millions of us prefer to shop online, often cheaper and less time consuming than trudging around shops. The future of the town centre could be bright of the focus was shifted to leisure, culture, arts and entertainment. High rise rabbit boxes of homes should be banned, it was a mistake in the 1960s and Grenfell and the exposure by ITV of how they fail even today should be heeded. Take a look at the well intentioned but dismal mistake at Eddington Cambridge to see how developers and Councils can create a new concrete jungle. Town planners and property developers continue to get it wrong, suggest that here in Harlow they go back and study Sir Frederick Gibberds' model and study his book"Town Design " , update with our knowledge of Climate Change and environmental engineering, add park and ride and build on those principles: local hatches with main forms of transport buses, walking and cycling, low rise housing with gardens and green wedges.

Neil Christie
2021-09-14 12:09:57

Adequate storage for bicycles, sports and diy equipment. Not what was deemed adequate in 1950 when no one in a flat could afford anything but adequate for today and hopefully the future. Trying to promote better mental and physical health when residents have no where to store bikes and sports equipment is counter productive. Given that many people will be in these flats for most of their lives, giving them the same leisure opportunities as house dwellers would seem to be a priority. Rooms of a reasonable size, balconies where a family can eat together, banning loud music, providing a safe play area for children. Adequate parking ( cars are not going away any time soon and people will park on verges, pavements anywhere if they have to. Look at the cheaper bits of Church Langley) the car parks can always be used for something else if they aren’t used in the future. Simple really. We have enough heartbreakingly bad examples to learn from. There is no need to get it wrong again

2021-09-14 15:47:22

Where are the amenities? We have more and more housing with less and less for people to do. When I first moved to Harlow many many years ago there were things like a pitch and put course in the park, a boating lake, many many more football pitches and tennis courts than there are now. Then there was a ski slope and an Olympic sized swimming pool with diving boards and a flume. Where has the fun gone Harlow?

Madeline Mythen
2021-09-14 17:38:36

I live on the town and the pollution from the road is dreadful we cant park even though we extortionate parking fees i have Harvey Centre car park opposite my house too i have lived in this house 40yrs and my breathing is now bad yet we have more flats going up where will they park?? We cannot even get doctors appointments and the Hospital is full to its brim i am really angry at the state of our town that i was born in 66yrs ago

Claire DeShon
2021-09-14 17:47:32

I am a director and Co-founder of the Sunflower Community Project and we are non profit social interest company,. We are struggling to find a place to operate out of that doesn't cost a fortune. Myself and some of our collaborators see lots of boarded up buildings that could be hubs for non profits like ours. We are for the community and using disused buildings within the community would be an awesome way of putting life back in to Harlow. These building have character and charm that end up getting knocked down for more private buildings to be built on. This doesn't feel very community oriented. The more we collaborate with small organisations the more I see the need for hubs where people can go and feel part of something.

2021-09-14 17:55:47

Parking and Garages, it has become a big issue all over Harlow and it needs to be addressed as its only getting worse for the residents and also for emergency situations, please look into providing parking for long term residents or a resolution for parking in areas which essentially need them.

2021-09-14 19:42:23

This is a council that thinks garden space for flat dwellers are only worthy of 20 sq metres per flat, a 5m x 5m prison yard of a space: no matter how many people live there, and also thinks that it's ok to reduce this if a park or open space happens to be within 10 minutes away. A Council that decided to build on Purford Green rather than preserve a green space obviously cherished by local people. We lost the green space opposite the Square, the Square itself, the ski slope, the velodrome, an Olympic standard swimming and diving pool, an affordable sports centre with residents discounts, music centres, the largest amateur football league in Europe, and it goes on. The cycle tracks haven't been improved and as mentioned the lack of secure bike parking discourages cycling, bikes get stolen. As the town has grown the amenities have shrunk under all political parties and the records of getting fundamentals like repairing pot holes and getting the bins emptied sorted, are poor. And what do residents get but promises to overload the town with 23000 homes by pfp and a mini city with an extra 130000 homes.

2021-09-15 09:58:00

Brilliant comments by all above but I really hope you are all putting them on the online survey. They’ve given Harlow residents 2.5 weeks to submit comments by the time the 1st October has been and gone few people will have even heard about this. It’s just not a big enough window of time. How are the council advertising their survey? That is what I’d like to know. I’m going to share in a few groups starting with the Harlow Moaning page

2021-09-15 12:23:25

Purely political and reactive, rather then a proactive initiative and we are still in a denial to acknowledge it. The council that has been unable to implement and protect core principles set in the daylight and sunlight, and right of light laws is asking residents on how tall we consider to be a too tall building 🧐🤨 the draft document is quite well written in many aspects, but again will all the sections in it be a must, or will it be just a guide to the best practices.

2021-09-16 21:20:21

I am born and raised in harlow of 42 years I am raising 4 children who will never be able to leave home. They are constantly either with myself or their dad having to fork out fir activities as there is nothing in the town for them to do and each time we want to get them out if the house its costs a bomb.I own and run a small local business in harlow and struggle to take a wage for myself due to the cost of rental rates for a small unit in harlow. Parking is ridiculous everywhere yet some have to pay to park outside their homes. Drs if the community is going to continue to grow surely more drs and surgeries need to be put in place now im not very clever or smart but even I can see that harlow is struggling with being able to provide the basics such as drs schools police hospital mentle health and so much more. I also think harlow should look after its own people ie those that were born here before rehousing people from other parts as it used to years ago

Joan Cook
2021-09-17 16:03:29

No high rise please! People need space, children need gardens. Buildings so close together without green spaces in between will increase mental health problems. Flooding will become an issue in the future if we live in a concrete town. This town needs council houses and I don’t mean the so called affordable housing (which it isn’t for so many) children born in the town should be able to get council house.

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