Harlow church set to hold its final service

Faith Matters / Sat 2nd Oct 2021 at 10:19am

A HARLOW CHURCH is set to hold its final service next month.

The Trinity United Reform Church in Hare Street made the following announcement on its Facebook page.

“It is with great sadness that Church Meeting has made the decision to close Trinity URC.

“Our last worship service is now scheduled for November 7th at 4 pm at which the URC Moderator for Eastern Province, Rev Lythan Nevard, will be leading.

This was a very difficult decision to come to but it was generally felt that, given our lack of healthy members and the very poor numbers that we have had at worship services for a very long time, it was the only thing we could do.

There is much to lament in this decision and also much to thank God for in that Trinity Church has done a lot of good in the community for many years.

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7 Comments for Harlow church set to hold its final service:

Valerie Chamberlain
2021-10-02 13:48:13

Would this be up for let or for sale??

2021-10-02 14:52:02

Such a shame, was my local childhood church. Brownies, Guides and teenage disco's for foreign exchange students in the 70's, amongst many other memories. Will no doubt be knocked down to make way for more unaffordable housing! 😢😢😢

2021-10-02 17:17:32

Would be interested in this building if it is up for let or sale

Tony Durcan
2021-10-02 18:55:52

As the local councillor,I think they are in discussion with another church about taking over the building. Not sure what type of church but worried about the successful pre school that uses the hall. The current church has been a great asset to the local community so very sad about this decision.

Peter Wilkinson
2021-10-02 20:26:54

My family had a history of involvement with the church from 1956 to 2017. My sister and I attended with my parents when the church was full. I owe my own scriptural knowledge to the faithful teaching of Sunday School Teachers. Both my parents had senior positions of responsibility, and took part in regular service for the local community as well as innovative outreach activities. The union with Congregational churches to form the United Reformed denomination was a sign of a church in decline many years ago, when falling numbers and finances drove the merger as much as spiritual impetus. The world moved on, and the church increasingly lost its relevance. The church as a whole in Harlow is far from decline however, with fresh expressions appearing during these years. At Trinity URC, the faithfulness of a solid core of members kept the church going, and these are the unsung heroes of faith in its story. I hope somebody will write up the story of this church, and the names of those who contributed to its history, through which perhaps many thousands of lives have been touched and shaped.

Mark Gobell
2021-10-02 22:06:35

Sign of the times. Shame really, folk these days could do with some spiritual input. The building would be an ideal community hub. I used to go to this church for Sunday School back in the 1960s then for Cubs. I used to sneak into the side rooms which had organs to have a tinkle on the ivories. I also remember taking tins of food for Harvest festival too.

Richard Harvey
2021-10-21 07:38:59

To any who knew previous minister Rev Ron Lewis - I am sorry to say that he passed on on October 17th October 2021 and the funeral will be on Friday October 29th at Trinity Church, Great Harwood. If anyone has any memories of him or would like to pass on condolences please let me know - richardsharvey at gmail.com

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