Over 7,000 Harlow residents started apprenticeships in past ten years

Business / Tue 19th Oct 2021 at 08:08am

NEW figures have revealed that 7,900 Harlow residents have started an apprenticeship since May 2010.

Many of these have been through Harlow College and local businesses and there is expected to be a large expansion in apprenticeship opportunities for Harlow’s young people in line with the massive Government investment coming into the town.

Harlow’s MP, Robert Halfon, made his first speech in Parliament in 2010 about apprenticeships and the power they have to change lives. He has consistently pledged to “champion apprenticeships” and has campaigned for over a decade in Parliament to “rocket-boost” apprenticeship provision, as well as serving as Apprenticeships Minister between 2016-17.

Mr Halfon has strongly welcomed the new figures, saying: “During my time as Harlow’s MP, I have done everything possible to increase apprenticeship opportunities to residents. I was the first MP ever to employ an apprentice in my Parliamentary office and have subsequently employed five more. Furthermore, I’ve visited the incredible Harlow College over 80 times to meet apprentices and to see the amazing opportunities they unlock for people of all ages.

“I am delighted that so many Harlow residents have benefitted from apprenticeships and this news comes just a week after the announcement from the Chancellor that he is extending the £3,000 grant scheme for every business that employs an apprentice. This £3,000 incentive shows the commitment the Government has to creating apprenticeships in our town and I would encourage every local business to take up the offer and employ an apprentice.

“I will continue to do everything I can to champion apprenticeships and I look forward to meeting many more apprentices on my community visits.”

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5 Comments for Over 7,000 Harlow residents started apprenticeships in past ten years:

Michael Hardware
2021-10-19 09:05:33

That is fantastic news, and well done Rob. The youth are our future and we should encourage them to achieve their full potential whatever path they choose to take.

Cllr Bob Davis
2021-10-19 18:16:39

Hi Michael There is nothing is this article to support what HTS has achieved. Although Robert has supported the the idea of companies engaging and recruiting apprentices its the staff and directors that have made it happened in HTS. Perhaps more credit or engagement to understand the remit of HTS and the engage with its apprentices would be helpful Cllr Bob Davis Chair of Apprentice Sub Committee

2021-10-20 07:03:30

This is really great news. I started work as an apprentice, it is an incredibly efficient way to train, earn and provide value. RE Bob Davis comment, HTS isn't the only apprentice supporter in the town so why does this require special mention? At the end of the day it's a privately run organisation formed of councillors as board and practically run form the same underpinning staff from its Kier days including the vans you can still see the old Kier branding under the hts, the only impact and value your comment has is that it has is that it works alongside the council to provide outreach services.......

Bob Davis
2021-10-20 09:44:05

The photograph is of HTS apprentices only

2021-10-20 21:15:12

There are such things as stock photos....

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